Pre-Order Collector's Edition Player Returning for a Nostalgia Lap Around the Game. What Should I Know About AoC 2020?

Hi, all–

I’m reading Modiphius’ Conan RPG rules, reading REH’s original Conan stories for the first time, and recently dug back into my back issues of Savage Sword of Conan and Conan the Barbarian, so I figured I’d complete the experience by logging back in after years away to run around in MMO-Hyboria.

Anything I should know as I start over?

Also, are the CE items I get for all new characters still a thing? I remember getting a ring and some other items guaranteed for every new one I rolled up, but I don’t see that anywhere except my account page. Is there a way to claim them (I’ll try /claim after work today just in case, now that I think of it), or are they just no longer a part of the game?

Thanks for any serious replies. /salute

If you have them on your account you can still claim these items, yes.
Since you want to start completely new, you can gain some more experience when claiming the daily login things (there is currently an event going on where you get lots of “Atlantean Shards”, they are very useful for level 80 since you can buy overpowered rings with them), there are also “daily challanges”, like killing 20 enemies, completing 3 quests and so on, if you complete them you get even more experience and some more rewards if you complete enough of them.

Also, if you want to try the “unconquered mode” for your character you can mark it during the character creation, that means if you don’t die during leveling you get some vanity rewards after every few levels (20, 40 60 and 80), all rewards you earn will go to your claims for other characters as well.

Also, in case you subscribe to have a premium account, you can get loyality rewards, they are in the item shop (there is a button called rewards). With a premium account you also gain more experience (30% more or so but that not really important) and gain more raid relics (+50%) and atlantean shards (+100%) but that’s about it. You can enter any dungeon as a F2P player as long as you have the expansion.
Veteran tokens were removed (you got those for subscribing a few years ago), you can’t get more though you still have all of them on your character or newly created characters (in case you had any, you just can’t get new ones anymore).

dont use any veteran tokens on teleports, as there is a new system to teleport. although the old teleports still work, its just a waste

It depends on how many veteran tokens you have. The positions of the old teleports are not the same as the new system, so sometimes it’s more convenient to use them.
For example, the old teleport brings you to Shaolun, while the new one for the Chosain playfield brings you to the Northern Grassland entrance, so if you have both, you can choose.