[PREDATOR EARTH] G-Portal PvE/Conflict server

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This Discord server is a French server,
but channels have been setup for people who speak English.
This Conan server is in multi-language

Server location : G-portal Franckfurt

Server Overview

The Predator Earth server binds to the Official PvE/PvP funcom servers in these criteria :

  • PvP fix time (Weekdays: 18:00/21:00 and weekends: 16:00/22:00)
  • Buildings are not breakable (Except Weekend during 48 hours)
  • Purge difficulty set at level 6
  • Experience rate earned to get to lvl 60 (after level 60 the XP demand is reduced to go up more easily to max level)
  • Harvest rate
  • Resistance of tools, weapons and shields;
  • The server is hosted by G-portal
  • Objects do not remain in your corpse after death has kissed you
  • Thralls and Pets conversion

What does make this server different from official servers:

  • Mods installed
  • Increased difficulty
  • The addition of a more powerful creature in cult places (Unnamed city etc …)
  • New Dungeons whit many different boss levels
  • New Part of the map can be explored as many times you whant
  • Boosted weapons
  • Quests added (68 quests)
  • Ability to trade any items with NPC’s
  • New decorations and buildings added
  • More refined graphics
  • Custom Made NPC’s has been placed all over the map

Copy and paste the Discord link :