Predictable purge needed, purge meter not

Some players are frustrated with purges occurring while they are offline. The meter isn’t really a reliable predictor of the moment it’s supposed to occur. I’d suggest purges happen throughout the lands when the moon is full, or some other indicator occurs. Perhaps during an eclipse, or after a volcanic eruption. A red moon could indicate a volcanic eruption would happen within a day or 2 (in game)… showering the lands with dangerous, but mineral rich meteors. A blue moon could indicate a night purge. An eclipse during daylight indicate a day purge. The purge occurs everywhere, or staggered if the server couldn’t handle it. The meter wouldn’t be needed. It seems to be a method of punishing clans for killing thralls. Removing the meter and its ties to dead Thralls would make purges more mysterious and tied to evil forces loose on the Exile lands.

Just be on during raid hours…

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