Premium Battlepass should be converted into croms

A) depends on your motivation. Difference between reading for pleasure and reading for work or school.

B) you took what I said out of context about the PREMIUM battle pass.

Whole post is about the purpose and benefit, or lack thereof, of the premium.

Oh, I agree with that. That’s what I speculated in an earlier post, too. I believe they’re giving the boost so that more people will feel comfortable with the BP. The more people feel that BP is hard to finish, the more they spread the word that BP isn’t worth buying.

All I’m saying is that I don’t think that’s “shady”, unless they had known from the beginning that they would do that. Is it a crappy thing to do to those who paid for the premium BP? Sure, it sucks. But was it premeditated dishonesty? No.

It wouldn’t be the first time I got in trouble for using a wrong word or an expression. I’ve done that even in my own native language :laughing:

Yeah, that’s why @Multigun’s recaps were such a treasure. Videos and streams are nice to watch when you have some time, but the information in them is neither discoverable nor searchable. And to be honest, it’s a little disappointing that they spent all these years relying on the effort from an unpaid enthusiast to make their information easily accessible to everyone :frowning:

At any rate, I agree that the BP should have had a visible in-game timer from the start.

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I don’t think that is always the case. The chores of the BP were stuff most of us did hundreds of times. We will keep doing them because they are necessary to the game. I think some people bought premium because they wanted the rewards asap. They didn’t want to wait. So, they bought Premium and they got the rewards they could have gotten in a few hours of a Single Player session with admin mode on for a lower price, if they were in such a hurry. I think this is why most people bought Premium, because it was obvious the BP was very easy to complete. Only someone with very little knowledge of the game would think it was hard to finish the BP. They wanted the rewards without the chores and didn’t want to wait.
So, they got what they paid for. I honestly don’t see the problem here. Funcom, realizing they might get frustrated might have a kind gesture towards those who offered them money, but they aren’t moraly obliged to do so in any way. It would be a courtesy, no more.
Orherwise, nobody will buy Premium again, not in the same molds. It simply isn’t worth it. Some people didn’t realize it soon enough…

why should they? it is a courtesy from funcom and they are not obliged to do so. the BP works as it was and, if you really want it, can easily be completed in the 90 days.

ah… the sweeping blow when you run out of arguments. this disqualifies you as a discussion partner. i’m out. my time is too valuable for that.

why? they announced exactly this before the start of the BP in case the number of completed BPs did not correspond to what they had envisaged. and now exactly this case has occurred and now it is shady? i don’t understand it… sorry.

they announce it. they meet the buyers and then it is shady… :crazy_face:

yes, i can see that too and i would also be upset, but at myself, if i had spent money without informing myself beforehand for what and what other conditions are involved. stuff like the announcement that there will be extra XP if the number of completed BPs towards the end of the BP does not meet funcom’s expectations.

could this information be easier to find? definitely. funcom still has a lot of potential for improvement in this area.
can the information be found with a little effort? definitely, and if my money isn’t worth this effort, then I can’t blame others for my own laziness.

both the ~90 day duration of the BP and the configurability of the XP bonuses provided by funcom are no secret and have been repeated several times by funcom as well as many content creators. you can find this information if you want to and when it comes to money you should want to. but if you’re not interested then there’s no reason to complain afterwards.

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I have now read through all the statements here.

And I come to the conclusion that there is more emotion flowing here than logic.

@CodeMage and @Testerle are exempt from this, their statements are well founded and I can only agree with them.

No tricks were applied to the BP, the Premium BP is also not a trick.

Anyone who buys the Premium BP has decided not to play the game and thus the challenges properly.
(So a refund is not acceptable)

The bazaar is really a FOMO thing that involves tricks.
I’m playing on a server with someone who buys everything. (Because she can)

And she says herself that the bazaar is far too expensive for someone who doesn’t care about spending money, that you are still tempted to spend money on certain items because subliminally it is suggested that it would be a great thing.

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You do remember how the forum members helped in the feedback they needed?

We are equally responsible! All we do constantly is fight each other and filling threads with fights for things they don’t belong to us!

@erjoh topic about battle pass and bazzar have over 1k replies!
90% in it, is fights between members again!

That’s why we end up the last to be noticed! We push them away from their own living room!

My last contribution here!
As a costumer I felt a bit insulted with the bazzar, I would love to have more clarity in the next one if possible! Plus 9 would like to buy more on my purchase, I think what is sold is a bit pricey!
If possible, it’s not a demand. I can always not buy!
For the premium battle pass I didn’t buy it, so I don’t know and cannot understand how op feels. Because of that I respect his feelings and accept them as feedback!

That’s all, love you all!

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The only thing I dislike about the bazaar is having to wait for it to “resupply”. When I started playing again I only had the sandstone set 2 available. I also want the 1st set! Who knows when it will be available now… :pensive:

since one is quickly insulted as a white knight here, I have to clarify a few things.

do I personally like the battle pass? at least I don’t think it’s bad.

  • for me, the content offered (I mean the items and not the challenges) is ok in relation to the price.
  • you can do the challenges on the side or just cheat your way through in single player if you don’t feel like it (I see that as positive).
  • very positive from my point of view: I get the crom points I invested back and can get the next BP directly without any additional costs, if I want to.

do I personally like the bazaar? no way for several reasons:

  • the prices are outrageously high.
  • descriptions do not match what you actually get. if you describe an item as storage, then it should really be storage (will probably be fixed for 1 item with the next patch).
  • you see the picture of a lamp and think of the existing braziers and all you get is a small table lamp at a price that is outrageously high for a large lamp… unfortunately only the price said “i’m big”. by the way, I didn’t buy it myself, but someone on the server I was playing on. with this prices, I will not invest a cent in the bazaar, even if I were swimming in money. outrageous stays outrageous, no matter how much money i have.
  • the limited number of sets that can be viewed and purchased at the same time is complete crap. that was crap in chapter 1 and will be a much bigger crap in chapter 2 when we have twice as many sets in the rotation.
  • the order of the sets in the rotation is completely incomprehensible. why does it all start with the sandstone set 2 and then it takes several refresh rounds until set 1 appears. who comes up with such ideas?

do i find funcom’s communication sufficient? no way. there is so much room for improvement.

  • almost every modded server suffers from the endless loop of mod conflicts and that a fix is being worked on or that one is already finished and waiting for a release, you only find out somewhere in a subordinate clause.
  • bugfixes are released and important parts of the changes iare not in the patche notes. for example the mod cache which, once again, hit almost all modded servers hard. just activated with a bugfix without even saying a word about it in the patch notes.

and I prefer not to say how I feel about funcom’s behavior towards mods. that would only lead to a ban in the forum :man_shrugging:


I wouldn’t mind the high prices at the bazaar if the money actually helped them fixing the game faster, which doesn’t seem to be the case… :pensive:
The prices are high, that’s a fact. Nevertheless I bought everything there in the dumb hope that if people enough do it, they actually have the incentive to FIX THE DAMN GAME. I’m feeling dumber by the day, though…

so, even if the conclusion is correct, which i don’t believe in, then more money doesn’t automatically mean more employees and more bug fixes. you have to find new employees first and then they have to be trained first and be productive.

I actually understood the whole problem a little differently. funcom needs more money to maintain the current status quo. without the additional income that funcom expects from BP and bazzar, it is simply no longer possible to offer free content and other updates. I didn’t necessarily hear “more employees and faster bug fixes” from this


That’s what I heard as well. ‘we have to keep the lights on’.

I did the math of how things added up in another thread last week. I think that shut down the conversation because no one responded. My labor cost estimate was over $1M dollars for FC.

Ok. I’m sick so my attention to detail is crap but are there people actually arguing that the increase in challenge XP is bad? That trying to ensure everyone gets their money worth of the battle pass is somehow sleazy? I just don’t get folks anymore.



no , you are wrong.

  1. they said just before BP and bazzar came along, in a previous stream iirc, that they will look to see if they need to adjust the XP, and they will keep an eye on how things develop, and adjust as needed, .

they also said about the 90 days, between battlepasses, unless you are referring to something else, i am pretty sure they where clear enough for me.

if you bought the premiun battle pass , did you got what they advertised ? yes ? no? if this discussion is about pricing and if it is expensive or not, then you might have a point, but pointless as you decided to spend it, knowing exactly how much you pay for it.

to use an analogy,
it is like buying a game for 40 bucks, then it goes on sales, and me start complaining i payed 40 instead of 25, and i want my 15 bucks back.

i still believe the Bazaar prices are wrong tho, (and i am not willing to pay a dime for overpriced stuff) but in this case you are wrong and funcom is doing what they said they will do.

trust me i have no sympathy for funcom among other things for not fixing players main toons who got lost in limbo due to failed character transfer, but in this case, i am a 100% on funcom side.

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it should be an effect, improving this will improve revenue in the long run,. however , things with this game is complicated as there are limitations, most of them due to console support, they shoud invest heavy in the netcoding as first priority tho. or improve the official server service , this game growth is capped due to the lag problem we are all aware. (i blame gportal for their crappy servers tho)

That’s a wrong analogy. They didn’t put premium BP on sale. They unlocked for free what was locked behind the pay wall to help everyone achieve the same result for free that other players achieved with money. The analogy with a game on sale is wrong, because in that case customers pay full price to play the game on release. And when the game goes on sale the customers just can not buy the same product. The game on release and the same game six month later are different products with different value. But in this case completing the BP has the same value regardless on when you do this, day 1 or day 90… You unlock all the rewards before they gone forever. So when the company unlocks this value for everyone for free (for whatever reason), this basically devalues premium feature and makes it useless and pointless for anyone who purchased it.

And no matter how easy it was for you to get all the awards with the standard BP. They had two products:

  1. Standart BP where you have to make challenges to unlock all the rewards before they gone.
  2. Premium BP where you get all the rewards instantly.

Now 1 and 2 are the same. Everyone got the value that Premium BP provided. Meaning those who purchased Premium BP paid for nothing.

Did the premium holders not get the boost in levels? If they did, then they got their money’s worth.

Does it matter than the company is trying to do a last ditch effort to let those that have not gotten everything to get it fully done? No it shouldn’t.

For the company (@Community ), do the numbers you are using to get the statistics distinguish between true active players vs alt accounts that will not move past BP? (IE Are you using paid for BP accounts as the sole source of this or # accounts in general?) I can see using general accounts as a bad method since too many folks have alt accounts that will not remotely participate in BP and that can really skew your stats.

incorrect , they only increased the experience, you still need to do the challenges, they did not unblocked anything. (am i right?)

Correct, they didn’t do that. And yet, it shouldn’t be too hard to grasp the analogy here. What would be the effect of placing a discount on premium BP? More people can finish the BP faster. What’s the effect of boosting the XP rewards? More people can finish the BP faster.

Both things make the BP rewards more accessible to more people. It’s really not that hard.

Wrong. They didn’t do that. Even with the XP boost, there is no way you can instantaneously skip 15 levels. Resorting to falsehoods does not help your credibility.

No, they’re not. You either don’t understand the most basic things about the BP, in which case you’re not qualified to argue about it, or you’re deliberately lying.

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Yes. But essentially even a slowpoke like me can do the BP in 2 days even without Admin panel or other cheesy practices. So yeah, it’s the same.