Premium - Character Transfer - Item shop/ Expansions

So here it goes. Multiple Trial runs everywhere with trial accounts.
I decided so far that Tanks is what i will run. DT has been excluded (fine class but too much lottery after 20+ crit) we’ll see about the rest.

  1. Once i decide and become Premium let’s pretend i stop sub after a year or two what get’s ‘‘Locked’’ and what do i keep?

  2. Character Transfer. I am reading there is issues sometimes. Is it only with Paypal or Visa/ Mastercard in general? Because i prefer credit cards most of the time.

  3. Getting Funcom points seems to me less trouble for some reason. But let’s pretend i get a Steam or Non-Steam version outside of the Item Shop. How do i activate Expanions?

  4. The Loyalty rewards do remain if your subscription passes at some point? I am asking this because i want to decide how many Specs i should buy.

  5. Character transfers are ok? I mean does the problem come from PayPal or is it a general issue?

  6. Onslaught Treasure Chests. At what rate do they drop the Gilded versions of Weapons? Because i am not a big fan of ‘‘Gambling’’

  1. You keep loyalty rewards, other than the 15 tp tokens each month, that you had access to through sub. If you buy any character slots, say 7 character slots, you get a total of 8 free slots to play as f2p if you go f2p and if you used to play before they revamped the f2p system you could have 9 slots that way.

  2. I have no clue.

  3. I believe there is a code you can enter on your account

  4. They should, minus the monthly TP coins

  5. No clue. It seems their billing seems to be borked for many people regardless if they used paypal or a card.

  6. From experience, low drop rate.

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Ok. I suppose that’s the website that get’s up once you click ‘‘Manage Account’’ then.
Too bad the items including vanity are not sold directly.

I guess i’ll have to be lucky with payment. Not sure if getting everything on Steam including Funcom Points will be a more reliable solution (If they still sell them). Let’s hope it works out without trouble.

My thanks to you. I appreciate it.

I use Steam and bought Funcom points without any problem after linking my Age of Conan Account, to my Steam Account- I played over a year without registering or buying Funcom points-

In Game, it gives you a link

Previously, that did not work for me with my linked account. I used the below link the last time (and always before) without problem, once your account is linked.

Note: I haven’t bought funcom points for probably 6 months or more- so I can’t validate either method now, but the last link did work for me, when I last bought FC points.

Hope this helps