Premium Membership/ Funcom points

I know Billing/ Accounts issues are not answered in the forums and i also already wrote to support, but i just wanted to know if someone else already had a problem like this.

Today i recieved an E-Mail regarding the end of my premium membership (monthly payment via Paypal). So I entered a new payment option with the exactly same PayPal account. This part worked fine and my premium is active again.

So suddenly all my purchases i tried to do in the past which didn’t work cause of the screwed payment system in AoC (2x 12000 FC-Points = 2x 99.99€ in October 2018!!!) now went through and were debited from my PayPal account.

Now I got FC-Points i didn’t even think about anymore and don’t want anymore.

This isn’t about some silly In-Game Boxes, it is about money, a lot of it. I’m wondering if this is even legal.

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Well with out a doubt it’s a crappy situation.

I know from times past when I had problems getting a purchase to go through it always said ‘transaction pending’ so I’m thinking that those you tried to do in the past still (wow how long does that last!) were in the loop to complete and when it got your new info it was able to complete those purchases.

Since you’re a paid subscriber then should get back to you since they said they were still answering items from those. Don’t know if it’s possible from the PayPal end, but I wouldn’t try to do a cancel / cash back from your end as those always seem to end in the person getting a ban.

Good luck.