Premium Side Applications

If I purchase a Premium Side Application from the item shop, will using it bypass the 9000+ minute lockout from previously changing sides, or will it be grayed out and unusable like regular forms bought from a general store in-game?

I switched sides a couple years ago, apparently, right before I took a long break. Can’t remember why, but now I’d like to undo it. Anyone familiar with the process? Thanks in advance.

Not used them personally, but looking at an AOItems entry, the premium side change forms still reference the locking of the “Side” skill.

I would therefore assume that they’re going to be subject to the same lockout as the normal ones.

Darn, that makes sense. Guess it’s only Premium for the level 200+ side change ability. Oh well. Clan XP bonus is so huge (side xp + Union Blessing) that I can’t bring myself to spend an unbalanced amount of time leveling as Omni (which I’m locked into). Shame, because I like their cities more.

Thank you!