Preorder from site

I tried to order a game from the site, money was racing but the game and beta did not appear in the steam.

Check your email for the key, including the junk mail folder. Double check the money was actually taken, and wasn’t immediately refunded, I have had that problem with XSolla. Even leaving the payment window open (while finding your card for example) is enough to have a block placed on making an order.

Make sure that the payment is actually going through, if not contact Xsolla through their web chat for quick assistance.
Failing that buy from Steam and wit will just work.

Trying to access the demo. I bought the game in steam demo did not appear. Canceled order purchased through the site. Nothing too. In both cases, the money was withdrawn and never returned.I’ll try through the chat.

Chat did not help … The demo did not appear in the inventory steam.

Damn. Steam should have been instant. I don’t know what went wrong there. But I know for a lot of people buying through the site the email has appeared in their spam folder.

Can you just double check the email address spam or junk folder quickly to rule that out?

What did Xsolla support say?