Presets for feats (QoL)

Do you plan to release presets for feats? So we can load in one click needed list of skills (previously saved) and not constantly relearn our feats every time we have used lotus portion (it’s boring and not fun).

I see something similar in the the Division Loadouts (you can choose necessary loadout from the left list)


i would call it “price” for cheap stat reset… Yellow Lotus potion should really used some cooldown… like 7 days or something… Or greatly increase its price

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Can you please explain why?
It’s fun to fight in pvp, then respec and mine some ore, then respec and fight bosses. You can do now exactly what you want this time and do not suffer from your wish.

It is just silly… and it does not support any player driven trade. economics or grouping… Everyone can do everything and that is not right.

it’s freedom of choice (and current game mechanics)

A lot of the items you create from feats do not require you to have the feat active to use it.
E.g. the grinder.
So once you created all those items you’ll have a lot of points left over for stuff like weapons and armor.
But even then, you normally land on a few weapons and armors that you like to use.
So I personally find the argument for roles in clans or unique craftsmen builds rather redundant since you’ll have plenty of points left over.

I would love a loadout feature like @Redrick mentions. It was a blessing when it came to the Division, and it will surely enhance the experience in Conan Exiles.

Currently I only have one build for farming and one for exploration.
I actually haven’t done any dungeon yet and I’ve been lvl 60 for a while.
Having loadouts would certainly encourage me to try different aspects in the game.
I could return from a long haul with materials and KAPOW! I’m in thrall slaver mode.
Or superstrong monster slayer mode.

But now I just go, meh, can’t be bothered, and continue gathering.

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