Prestige Levels!

As long as it is an optional thing Knox, (ie-the game asks you if you would like to prestige via a pop up question or menu option) I support it, and I think most will be behind it. As a bit of a completionistI would totally collect the badges/icons for it.

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Of course my friend. It is as I always say: “The option which presents more options is usually the better option”.

I support it.


I 2nd this! :paw_prints:

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If there’s a way to make it retro active, sure. However it would kind of be a slap in the face to long time members of a servers’ community to not have their tenure acknowledged while newer level 60s race ahead because there’s more they have yet to complete.

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Even if it couldn’t be retroactively awarded, the slap in the face would only be a temporary issue that would eventually be forgotten. In the long term, a slap now is worth it.

No. No reward is a punch to the face. Hard work deserves rewards.

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