Pretty dull sadly

start by saying this is a great game

but with so many things not being balanced/updated/addressed in a speedy manor…hit a wall real fast

the combat gets real old real fast with such limiting weapons

those new arrows cant come soon enough, tho looks like so far they still dont interact as they should

still horribly confused how the gods have remained in their current state since release…1 out of 5 working and that one that works is WAY overtuned…how was this not litteraly the most important thing to hotfix? set one shotting whole bases in 1 second??

please fire the guy who thinks they need some OMG super ultra 4k for sorcery graphics…have you seen the orb effects?? its very apparent graphical detail isnt a must have…put it in already turn it on and add whatever graphics you have around and worry about the fine tuning of a graphic overlay later and add something that adds to combat

so many things half done, potions, elixirs, perks, gods, resources, thralls. most everything has many many bugs or things that are just wrong.

what we do have minus the bugs is great, but you hit a wall far to fast. with the current state bulding is also oddly limited, currently there is a bug that allows you to place a explosive jars INSIDE peoples bases from the outside on any ceiling tile…set can wipe anything on the gound floor and anything off the ground spawns purge inside to one shot crafting stations and boxes

its a horrid love hate, i want to stay and play but so tired of melee everything need some magic and ranged combat, throwing weapons not stacking killed that, bows killed themselves and even orbs do tragicly low damage to players. go axe/spear or go home i guess

keep up the work funcom hope you can get ready for release in time…add a subscription model to get some cash flow to hire some more people, and toggle off all gods till you can address the imbalance…kinda gaming 101 if something is super op broken and you cant fix it…turn it off…

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