Prevent purge on certain structures or clans?

We have a PVE server with a few structures that we don’t want purged such as a town hall, map room, starting area, etc.

We’d like to keep purge turned on for all players but we don’t want purges on the common area structures. What’s the best way to prevent purge on things like a town hall, map room, market, without rebuilding them with a mod?

Currently at 10 players. 2 admins. Thank you!

It depends who “owns” these buildings. Your best bet might be to make that someone who doesn’t (actively) play, but just logs on occasionally to refresh the decay timer, assuming you play with Decay turned on.

If the owner is someone who does not play a lot, they will effectively never see a Purge.

An alternate account (using Family Sharing in Steam for example, since this is tagget “PC”) being the owner of these builds could be a way to achieve it, just make sure that whoever controls that alternate account logs on once in a while to refresh the decay and it should all work out-of-the-box, no mods or trickery involved.

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Thanks Mikey. Instead of different steam accounts, they could just switch between clans, no?

Once a clan owns a structure it stays with the clan. It cannot be singled out from other structures and passed to another clan or person.

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