Previous Battlepass and DLC Items locked

For a lot of players DLC Items and/or Battlepass Items they obtained are locked, can’t be equiped or placed. So i checked and the server is spamming a ton of ConanBattlePass:Error in the logs. Checked for myself in singleplayer, official and dedicated servers, i can’t use any of my previously obtained battlepass items. DLC Items sometimes work

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I also have this issue, and have logged into discover that I am “Not entitled to Whip Bindings”. I haven’t discovered any other issues, yet, but this one, locking content previously paid for has definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

I am also having this problem, pretty pissed stuff I paid for and earned can’t be used.

Buy a cheap item from Bazaar store and your recipes will change from red to green.

Not ideal, but it’s the only thing I tried that worked.

Why would anyone possibly want to do that?!

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To fix the recipe problem.

Unless you want to complain for two weeks while you wait for the hotfix.

Plus it’s the only solution I’ve got for the problem mate. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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Thank you for the submission of a fix. Despite it being a bit of a pita, appreciate the info.

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This topic is getting lost in the shuffle, too many new threads being created about the same issue.

I happen to normally use an Arcane staff, a battlepass item, and didn’t notice I couldn’t use it, until, I had already started a fight. This situation is getting very annoying.

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