Previously Used Sound Effects

I used to play a very old game called “Legends of Kesmai” the game was pretty basic but it did have some sound effects to it. Each time I fire up Conan I hear these exact same sound effects on some of the mobs and it brings back memories of that old game each and every time I hear them. If it was just one or two sound effect that “seemed” about the same then I would just shrug it off but there are over a dozen or so sound effects that I can identify from that old gave the moment I hear it.

Just saying… Did Funcom buy these assets?

Don’t need to. Most of SFX are coming from libs guys like me create. There are all kinds of markets for that.
Even if they produce their own SFX - specific stuff is hard to get and 90% do not realize or pay attention to sound-design and only realize such things if it is done wrong or if it is missing.
You can even be mistaken as some sound-effects are done the same way, so you might think it is the same sound, but it is not. My approach f.e. is always to be original as possible. But there are others who go with foley tricks to imply a specific sound, because it adds something to the sound. Rain f.e. You do not hear rain. You hear a boiling frying pan. That are design descisions.

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