Price of Summon FATE

Price of Summon FATE makes no sense…

When have you ever been in situation where spending 3k MoF’s would be worth few Anima Shards?
(someone needs to explain it, as I really can’t figure out any reason to use this…)


Well, I do know that in some games there is a segment of the population that just cannot throw out anything, no matter how worthless. They will trek back to a main hub, no matter how long it takes, rather than toss a single vendor trash item of almost no value, buy additional bag and bank space for Real Life Money, and pick up every single trash item ignored (for good reason) by everyone else in the area . And they will do this no matter how much in game currency they have or how much Real Life Money it costs. If SWL has a population of those players, they will HAVE to buy this item. It would basically be a compulsion for them.

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You say this now…but when you are deep in the field, killing mobs or missioning and you get a full inventory…well, being able to quickly summon a portable vendor to sell the trash to so you can keep going (without having to worry about teleporting here there and everywhere just to get to a vendor) is a damn good thing (and yes, I use it a lot.

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I don’t use it myself, but there have been times where it would have come in handy, since most things in SWL can’t be thrown out, they have to be vendored.


Life timer so I’m a hop, skip and anima jump away from a vendor in most zones.

Now a bank in a can on the other hand could potentially be useful but no so much at this point.

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I haven’t use those in SWL, but did use the one in TSW often.

I’m one of those that does pick up EVERYTHING, so I find out where the vendors are in every game!

I think 500 mof would be more in line with what people would pay. Once you go 4 digits it just looks HUGE…even if it isn’t far more over it.
That said I base that on the assumption that FATE doesn’t see much use. I mean I can’t imagine much use from an item costing 20% of your daily mofs (or 17% for patron).

FunCom has a thing for putting items and services in the game to use up currency, but then pricing them in such a way that hardly anyone would actually pay for them. Digital dust-collectors…

Edit: as an example of relative value, for the same 3000 MoF you can buy a blue weapon or three, a blue talisman, or approximately 34 green items off the exchange to sell for shards.


FATE seems excessively expensive because it costs Marks, and you’re limited in how many of those you can reliably earn through daily gameplay.

In actuality, it costs less than 20 cents if you go by aurum prices. I doubt many people would bat an eye if FATE summons sold for 20 aurum instead.

That said, I’d much rather have a more expensive but permanent version of FATE with a reasonably long cooldown.