Pride of Aesir scroll

Game mode: [Online PS4 | PVE conflict]
Problem: Bug
Region: [US]

Cant access the chest to get the Pride of Aesir scroll.

private server? how long ya been trying? theres a bug sometimes if someone leaves a treasure chest open it reads blank till it resets.

No its on an official PS server. Been trying for 2 days. Its not that there is nothing in it, I cant open it. Sometimes the chest is there and sometimes its gone

thats a weird one, good luck w that 8]


Had the same problem 3 months ago… No chest had it. But the server kinda crashed or rebooted and then it was there…

Angrybull had another problem: The blue skeleton didnt spawn.

Hello @Xx_Psycho_1, this might be due to an issue that prevents containers from resetting, which is currently being looked into by the developers.

The daily server restart should revert the chest to its normal state, so we’d recommend that you try to get to the chest as soon as possible after it occurs.

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