Priest of Mitra skills

I’m a returning player, is there a web page where the latest version of the POM skills can be found? (not the feat tree). Thanks.

I’m a new player and Google has been extremely stingy with PoM info overall. But the community here has been very helpful with all my questions, more so than I expected really. Hopefully you get a link but if not, just ask specific questions and I’m sure you’ll get the info you seek!


Pve specc something like this:

Smite (spam this when you got nothing else to do).
Lance of mitra, use when you wanna heal abit more and if tanks suck :smiley:
Use cleansing fire + searing eye. it gives you an instant smite.
Keep blues and greens up att all times. Use bigheal when the tank is on around 70-80% hp. Your bigheal does area effect damage with purificaton of mitra (passive buff on).
Blueheal buffs your damage. Don’t spam it cus it actually blocks healing on the tanks. (points at these damn tosses!!!) :smiley:
Use Condemnation when you got the procc (Holy storms) on. It looks like a yellow light around you.
Use litany for damage deflection. Most poms forget about this awesome spell.
Use Blessing of mitra on the tank for 20% damage deflection and gives him damageboost (which means more hate).
Holy cleansing gives you really crazy damage. The more people from your group aroud the boss increase the damage, including nigro pets. HC also proccs the Holy Storms effect.

Decisive and Pressing strikes.
Steadfast faith. Used in khitai to remove ruineffects.
Celesial gaze (Increse healing done with the number of heal rating you got)
Shimmering (Increse healing done with the number of heal rating you got)
Check this link to understand shimmering and Celecial.

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