Primeval Bracers, and other missing set pieces

Greetings, I had posted this in the PS4 page last year and got exactly 0 response so perhaps someone here will know…

On Siptah, one can learn the Primitive Man gear. It has two armour sets in it. Primal is a complete set. But the Heavey set (Primeval) is missing bracers.
My inquiry is three fold.

  1. Is this the same across all platforms?
  2. Is this deliberate or a bug?
  3. What other sets in game are conspicuously missing a piece or two?

I was stocking my welcome center on our Exiles server over the weekend armor weapons and tools. Generally use primitive wraps since it is easy to find in admin and gives players a taste of Sipath when I noticed the pimal set missing the gauntlets. @Community is this a accidentally and going to be fixed or intentionally?


Isn’t the Watcher’s kit missing a piece? I wouldn’t know, because dressing myself in spoderwebs hasn’t eggsactly seemed appealing.

Personally, I would like Funcom to fix the missing tools in various sets. Black Blood Cleaver f’rinstance.


Yes, Watcher set is barefoot.
That was clarified as deliberate around about the Twitch event.
I keep thinking the watcher set was the original plan for the Zath religious gear, before they settled on the lingerie.

As for a Blackblood Cleaver, that would make the care and feeding of several beasts easier. Abysmal meat isn’t exactly proliferate.
I know Blackblood increases harvest amount, how does it impact the chance of shiny additions to drop? Such as getting gold out of an obsidian nose?
I ask because I tend to keep a specific cleaver around for head hunting.
That could be a new trophy option, maybe add it to the Darfari builds. Defeated humanoid (especially player) heads, for wall mounts or spikes. That would be a fun placeable. And a great way to declare war, after ganking someone, leave a spike with their severed head on it right at the edge of their land claim.
Maybe it could be in war banners instead.


"Sexy Time " From Bob and Tom Show.

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I do want to clarify, I’m not complaining about the stripper gear currently from Zath.
Given it’s prevalence in Zamora and Zamora’s reputation… It’s a fair fit.
The Watcher set is excellent for a less urban spider cultist. It also might explain why they don’t understand shoes. Gotta feel the web through your feet and such.
The Zathite Undies are good for the temple prostitutes and other socialites in a notably decadent culture.


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