Primeval-PC/US/PVE/Progressive mmo experience


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Mod load order required


Welcome to Primeval A PVE Server that is designed/modded to have more of a mmorpg experience of progression and replayablity. The design is setup for teamwork through progression with dungeons actually rewarding teams for running them. Primevals focus point is longevity and progression.

-Features Implemented:

*New dungeon/boss currency system with vendors designed to sell token gear-no more farming random drops for legendary hoping you get something you want to use!

*New home recall system. Type /sethome in your base area and once a hour you can /home to recall back to your base.

*Arena based pvp and clan wars setup and designed for only certain times of the week and held as events. Slay & Conquer! to show your clans prowess.

*Simple log-in rewards system to change your appearance or buy extra recalls.

*New leveling experience & curve, Stat rebalance, stack size increases, and quality of life improvements, bark from production & trees,durability curve smoothed,
*New Journey experience, experience curve smoothed, rewarded for exploration
*level 80 Max level
*World bosses are MUCH tougher now requiring a group of players to defeat but rewards are also much stronger! Be prepared for the toughest challenges!
*New Healer based class(Soon) to round out archtypes for tank,dps,healer trinity.

Still prime areas to settle in