Primitive fishing traps without bait RL

  1. No bait needed
  2. Fish do not disappear or expired after 19 - 20 minutes
  3. Babysitting the fishing traps is not fun that all

Example 1:

Example 2:

Please reconsider the changes made in the last update.


Conan Exiles is a game, comparing it to real life is not really fair, we can drink from any water source without any risk, we can carry a truck load of stuff, I could go on forever about stuff that doesn’t match real life, but I think you get the point :slight_smile:
I understand why they changed the fish traps, it was a bit too much having 2 very important resources completely free + huge fish farms are very taxing to the servers, that said I think it needs a bit more balance like fx the decay time in fish traps + maybe a bit more output from bait, but overall I find it a good move - Survival games always needs to have a good balance no matter if it fits reality or not.

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I got this question.

If you’re concerned about having to use bait… what exactly are you using all those bugs for?

Personally I don’t mind using baits. Let it be. I’m strongly against fish decaying in those fish traps. It’s not realistic and it’s terribly inconvenient. Mandatory use of baits and decay timer are both measures against “passive income” of oil. Let’s select one of them, namely baits, - it would be more than enough. We have many other things to do in game but now if you need oil you must always be in close proximity to your fish traps or you’ll get nothing at all, even putrid meat! It could be tolerable for a clan with several players but not for solo players or SP. If Funcom will not change this in the nearest future I swear I’ll become a modder myself to correct this silly “balancing” against solo players.


I like that bugs can be used to increase the rate of your fish catches, but not that you catch nothing without bait. Bait should “optimize” the fish trap efficiency.


Problem is that if fish traps auto generate without using bait, people would just spam even more fish traps to make up for the lack of speed, if anything is free we will exploit it, that is human nature :grin:


If the devs fix that I would don’t mind use bait, but right now you have to be babysitting the fishing traps cuz the decay time of fish inside the trap (in water) is a joke.


I can agree with that.

On a side note, I didn’t see anything in the patch notes about fish decaying. Are we sure this isn’t a bug?

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I am on console hopefully they will have things figured out before updates come to us. I appreciate what you PC gamers are doing to get the game adjusted.


Where do you guys get all the bugs? I dint have to farm plant fiber enough to accumulate that many bugs.

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I’d like to think it’s just a bug. Fish used to decay in the traps before the Isle of Siptah as well but now decay timer seems way too short.


You can also use them for archery potions in the derketo temple. Not that bugs are very rare (…cough), but putting them in the trap to find the fish created this way to be rotted some hours later is a bit frustrating.


You don’t get the ones you’re looking for from just plantfiber.

And yet one of the major defenses of making these traps require bait was “It’S rEaLiStIc!!” I’m sorry but we can’t have it both ways. Plus we’ve seen in other posts that the ‘big fish farms are taxing on servers’ argument was for the most part debunked. In most cases they were not the source of major lag for a server’s performance.

To quote the lead developer of Resident Evil 2: “Reality sucks; that’s why people play games.”


Fish in traps have always had a decay timer. You just didn’t notice it typically because the rate in was greater than the rate out.

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Last time I checked they didn’t. My improved dagon fishtraps did however. But regular ones didn’t. Like when you clicked on the fish in the trap, it didn’t have a timer. But in the other mentioned they did.

I disagree with this completely. Yes it is a game but they Mimic Crafting After Real Life, that’s their starting point. Yes the game has Fantasy aspects (Undead) But they try to mimic Real Life, Need to Eat/Drink, Gather resources to live, we can both go on and on how it’s Like Real Life or Not, But the video proves one thing, They got the Idea for the way the traps look from Real Life, They didn’t just make that up.

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Imagine the decay timer on RL lobster traps around the world. You would never get to eat lobster again. The changes don’t bother me, but the fast decay is poor coding. Fish in a trap in the water are not going to die and decay in a matter of hours. Lets try to keep it as real as possible please.


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