Priorities at Funcom

Gave this horse a potion of endowment…


No way. I just confirmed that’s real and not a doctored picture. The potion even behaves differently than it does on a player in that it has a much much shorter duration than normal and doesn’t show up as an “effect.”

I’m also not at all offended by the idea of seeing equine penis and I personally think clever easter eggs that encourage player experimentation exploration are great.

But seriously, it takes them weeks, if not months, to fix fairly serious bugs and make balance adjustments, but they have enough time on their hands to add that easter egg to the game?

Priorities indeed.


I’ve look at the code for this and it was fairly easy on them to do this … look like about two day at most to do it. Not huge lost. But other bugs are harder because it’s not consistent to track down where or when It happen

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I’ll take your word on that (and that bugs take longer) - but it still makes me think ‘that’s two days that could’ve been spent on something (anything) worthwhile’. After all, if ‘bug a’ would take 10 days to fix, spending 2 days on this then 10 days on ‘bug a’ is 12 days.

Of course - this also almost certainly wasn’t done by someone on the bug-fixing team, so probably actually took no time away from bug-fixing at all - it’s more the appearance of ‘not giving a c**p’ than the reality of it - it just seems like a not very worthwhile use of two days, and liable to irritate more people than it amuses.

(That said - I’m already in a bad mood after a bit of a lousy session - so I may simply be looking at the worst interpretations…)

Hahahaha!! :smiling_imp: :metal: Oh SirDaveWolf thankyou for a good, welcome laugh. I think that poor horse grew in the wrong department.

Ps- no offence intended to Funcom here, it just looks humorous.


Normally I wouldn’t touch a topic like this with a barge pole, but some of the unfounded assumptions being made in this thread are even more distasteful to me, so here goes:

Since Siptah launched, there has been a bug where creatures and thralls consume many kinds of items they should not, including food items not on their deit. Herbivore horses now chow down on raw meat, carnivorous animals now gobble up berries, and every human Thrall has become a Darfari Cannibal and developed a taste for raw human flesh. I even had a Tiger consume Lingering Essence, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Funcom’s intent to make Tigers devour “the last lingering presence” of someone’s soul.

That said, anyone here jumping to the assertion that Funcom deliberately implemented this either hasn’t been paying attention to what’s going on in the game, or didn’t think about it very hard. Since horses were added to CE, horse “assets” have been hidden or displayed by the same No/Partial/Full Nudity filter logic that applies to players, so it’s not even a stretch to assume they share enough in common in their implementation that this potion should theoretically work on a horse the same way it does on a human model if it could ingest one. And now, thanks to a bug, it can.

tl;dr: This is a bug, nothing to see here.


Wow. The developer bashers will even use a joke potion like this to spread hate against Funcom.

Dude something like that takes a mere couple of minutes to add to the game. Furthermore it has been there since horses came out. It in no way is going to take from their dev time to fix bugs.

Some of you peeps need to take a chill pill and just enjoy the game.


Ahh that likely explains it. I would assume that the potion was placed in the horses inventory to carry it, and the horse has consumed it.

I know I am beginning to stray a bit off topic here, but I wouldnt mind if I could feed a defeated enemies soul to my Tiger; thats definatelty metal in my book. :smiling_imp: :metal:


I had no idea about that - but I suppose that applies to the same regional markets and other reasons that make the nudity filters necessary - makes sense.

On the subject of animals eating everything - I left some putrid meat in the feed box temporarily and came back to find someone had eaten most of it (at that point a horse, a rhino, a dog or maybe the turtle…), despite there being plenty of more appropriate food in there. Like you say, right now they’ll eat anything that isn’t nailed down (in which case I’m starting to suspect they’d just eat the nails…).

Just to clarify, are you calling me a developer basher or accusing me of spreading “Funcom hate?”

Well you know what they say if you mess with the bull you get the horns

Oh and remember Red Bull gives you wings so fly baby

[anectotal experience ahead]

I used to admin a server some time ago, and one of my players told me he had a horse with a giant Schlong, on a different server previously. I also thought he was BS’ing me since it would make no sense, but this game has a proper Schlong system on players, so it could be true.

And it was! He found an old screenshot and showed us, and it had a beautiful horse with a lenghty shaft almost touching the ground.

So this might be older than Isle of Siptah, perhaps the potion used to work on horses, and for some reason started working on them again.

Still an useless thing to implement, but at least makes me think that its not a recent “feature”


Yes, I tested this back then when horses came out.

But I don’t remember having a horse with a very long one that goes to the ground though.

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Now… how many pets does it work on…

So do panty liners


I’ve fixed the thrall infinite food buff in 5-10 minutes.
This bug was ruining servers for months. And even people reporting, posting on youtube it took almost a month for them to release a fix.
Some bugs like undermeshing are really hard to deal with but there are small and annoying bugs that breaks the game that are very easy to fix.


Be thankful they didnt mess with the female horses

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