Priority to bugfixing please

Hi Funcom,

I’ve noticed 2 quick patches have come out since the Isle of Siptah started. I was disappointed to see that only unimportant issues were taken care of, while there were no mention of fixing game-stoppers or game-slowers. Please set reasonable priorities to fixing bugs. I mean - fixing a texture for a boss is (from my perspective) the lowest priority, while there is more serious bug which does not spawn dungeon boss at all!

Please take a look at fixing these first ASAP:

  • Dungeon chests are empty: still not fixed, even the end-dungeon chest is always totally empty for me (dungeon Den of the Wolfmen (NE part of the map). Ran it at least 4-5 times, the chest was always empty. Couldn’t get the sigil from this one at all so far.
  • End-dungeon bosses not spawning: I’ve noticed in several dungeons that there was no boss at the end. Many times also quite a number of monsters did not spawn either (the dungeon was literally half-empty, in addition to the empty chests).
  • Wild surges not refreshing correctly: after the maelstorm ends, the wild surges do not refresh. On the map, there are locations of wild surges shown, but when I get there, there is no surge. Or sometimes it shows almost 20 icons for wild surges in the map, but many of the surges are missing in the world (should be only 10, no? - 5 east, 5 west). To refresh them properly, I need to literally quit-and-restart the game.
  • Bleeding does not stack sometimes: I noticed - namely on large creatures which, when you get close to them, have their health bar out-of screen - the bleeding stack gets only to 1, or 2 max at most
  • Getting any higher thrall than T1 impossible: yes that’s true, I haven’t even seen a T2 worker thrall after playing Isle of Siptah for 2 weeks. The only T3 thrall I could find is bearer, dancer or fighter/archer. Except bearer, all other mentioned are pretty much useless. Not to mention that I couldn’t find any T+ worker at all!. I’ve tried normal surge multiple times, to no avail. Worker thrall higher than T1 is impossible. And to run massive surge? Well, in Single Player that’s impossible, too. Farming ??? essences from demons in the storm - to obtain 1000 of them starts another “impossible”
    problem. At some point, the demons start spawning at such fast rate, there is just no chance to kill them at all. When playing even with my friend (2 players + 2 level 20 greater pets, like greater wolf or greater tiger) we just get overrun in a matter of 3-4 minutes. Please consider changing this mechanics.

I’ve noticed more bugs, but I understand that this is early access and the game is still “under construction” before official release. So I’ve mentioned only the most critical for now.

Please fix them with the highest priority. These bugs make the game pretty much boring. Running whole dungeon in order to get some rare materials and/or recipes just to find there is no boss or end-chest to loot is frustrating. I’d rather fight a boss with crappy texture than no boss at all.

Thank you for taking my topic into consideration and fixing the critical bugs as soon as you can

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I have also noticed that in the Elder Vault Asylum of the Outsiders, every signle enemy spawns twice, including boss sometimes.
Also in the harbor of the twice drowned, the Glowing goop is sitll brighter than the sun.

  • Vaults not refreshing properly - agreed, a high priority issue
  • Wild surges not refreshing - I haven’t experienced this one yet but I have seen others reporting it.
  • T2 impossible to get, not really, you only need 100 unstables for a T2 summoned surge which you can get in one max 2 storms i.e in about 30min to one hour as a solo player.
  • Ambush mobs getting a crazy spawn rate at the 15 min mark - yeah, something to be looked at
  • Double spawns in the outsiders vault - I have only seen single-player reports regarding this issue. Not seen it happening on a server.

I feel exactly the same way, I hope for an update every server restart and that it addresses the main issues of the game, and we get unimportant fixes we don’t really care about or Nerfs.

Elder Vault Chest being #1 in my book, Being empty that is.

More than one person is working on the game. I would elaborate more, but these types of threads always leads to the same conclusion.

I also noticed this could be players abusing glitch

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