Prison for npcs

Butcher’s table sounds horrible, but I get your point. :smiley: To just use effectively anything you have no use for. Most of people throw notgreater animals on the ground and let them decay. (I see it as letting them go back to the wild xDD)

But if we can place them in the fridge, why not this?

They “look” everything, don’t worry :wink:. Feel free to dream, create your own posts, whatever you wish! If they will do something, at the end, they will do it their way, not our way!
A rough idea, or conversations we do here may trigger their interest! Don’t forget that they already placed the baits in game! This conversation and others similar in the past, started because we have cages in game. Before the steel cages we had bone, or wooden, from the very beginning actually! So feel free to share whatever you wish :+1:t6:.

Place to store them before they go on the wheel.

Or until you decide if you want this Thrall or his/her blood on the sacrificial stone. By the way it would be a sort of a cruel joke if Thralls in your wheel of pain in line of sight of your sacrificial stone could be broken faster with every sacrifice they see.

While this one likes this idea, and thinks it might benefit from have a taskmaster attached, to increase the decay time so to speak…
It couls get very very out of hand very quickly.
The potential for abusive thrall camping is amusing.

Also, for the events, if one knocks out a foe, say a gold border Stormsick Warrior, the event doesn’t progress until the foe is finished breaking in the wheel. The summoner just sits behind the force field for the 8ish hours while the disoriented combatant goes in a gruel and endurance training regime.

Mind you, all of this is already possible with large wheels.

But all of the pearl clutching and hand wringing aside, this one likes the idea.

Then again, this one hopes one day (if the PS version ever gets stability addressed) to have a room with numerous sacrifice stones lining it. Fun fact, putting someone on the sacrifice station takes off any masks or hoods so you can see who was under those cowls. Oh, and they sing if you just leave them there.

Seems like the basics are already in the game with the Prisoners in the cage mechanic. Surely all would be needed would be for players to be able to deploy a cage (item already exists) and then put in an NPC in the same way that we put one onto the wheel.

All that would then be needed is to work out who can access etc…

According to what I understood from @stelagel post, there are some problems with this idea. Only someone who knows how the game works can clarify this for sure.
I’ll try to explain how I IMAGINE the process works. Let’s use a real npc as example. Lianeele.

Npc id 1 - Lianeele
Npc id 1- Lianeele ko
Npc id 1 - Lianeele in bindings
While Npc id 1 stays unchanged, the spawn is blocked.

Npc id 2 - Lianeele on the wheel
Npc id 2 - thrall Lianeele
Spawn unblocked once npc id changed from 1 to 2.

Npc id 2 can’t go back to npc id 1, meaning once you put Lianeele on the wheel, the process is irreversible. She either leaves as a thrall or gets destroyed.

A prison as I envisioned it would keep Lianeele with the npc id 1, so that we could choose to either break her, sacrifice her or free her.
So, this would mean that the prison wouldn’t work as a “wheel”, but more like bindings. If we cut the bindings, the npc eventually wakes up. I imagine the npc that wakes up is the same object as the one prior to the KO. However, apparently keeping the npc in that state (bound) messes with the spawn. A prison would have to work like that if we wanted to keep our options (break, sacrifice or free).
This seems to be the problem with my concept.

I am sure there are ways around it, either limiting our options or reworking how the whole process works, spawn included.

OR… I’m dead wrong and all is different from what I imagine it to be.

@Taemien, do you know how all this works?

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I don’t know for sure how it works. But placeable thralls are an item that calls on the specific thralls data when its placed in the world.

Unconverted thralls exist as an item that normally cannot be taken out of the wheel of pain. But as far as I know they are items as well. But get ‘crafted’ by the wheel of pain into the placeable item. Similar to how a hide in a tannery gets converted to tar + leather.

The change to make a Jail work for storage of unconverted thralls would either need to change the non-removable property, or remove it. To my knowledge an unconverted thrall in an inventory cannot be placed anyway.

Unless I’m off my rocker a mod could probably do this, but it would be modifying things in a way that wouldn’t lend itself well to being compatible with other mods. But if Funcom did it on their end, then it would ‘just work’.

Here’s what I’ve seen in the past. I have seen mods take placed thralls and allow the user to pick them back and convert them back to an item that can be placed (this resets the thrall levels and perks to 0). So any sort of back conversion is technically possible.

It comes down to how much effort they wish to devote to it.


I don’t think they can be stored in the inventory. For instance, if I admin spawn an npc, if I check the box spawn as converted thrall, it goes to the inventory and then I place it via hotwheel (bar in pc, no?). But if I spawn an npc without checking that box, it goes straight to the world and isn’t stored in the inventory. So I wonder if we can even store them in the inventory. But maybe this is completely unrelated…

So, there seems to be a way…
Yes, I agree that it depends of them really wanting to do it. I don’t know how many things it would break in the game, though… :smile:

Don’t see the benefit of this really. What is the difference between holding it in a cage for later and just sacrificing and already having the souls or blood for later.

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Being able to decide if you sacrifice or put in the wheel the npcs according to your scenario, @Tuffman .
Imagine you lose guards from an attack, raid or purge. You might want to renew your force. If the raid/purge doesn’t cause too many casualities, you might want to sacrifice them or make zombies if needed. Instead of going back and forth, you can have them at hand in the prison. It’s not game changing, but I believe it could be a nice addition. For RP too.
They could also implement a sort of a purge where enemies would try to rescue the ones you had captured and kept as prisioners.The more you had, the higher the chance of it triggering. It could work similarly to a convergence trap.

I see hmmm if that is true the moment you put them on the wheel, they turn into NPC ID.2 right. So, the only way this would work is if they made an in-between ID. NPC 1 that holds the spawn and it has a knockout phase correct after you beat the person till, they black out then we have NPC Prisoner or [2] and then 3 is a Thrall. But the wheel of pain and sacrificing stones only take ID flag 2 Prisoner. Also Converting to ID 2 happens the moment you bind them with the rope. This causes it to free up the spawn because it is now an NPC [2]. The spawn timer should stop it from auto spawning as well so it’s not like it should auto respawn so it can’t be exploited. The prison could work as a compost/feed for NPC 2 and a converter from 3 back to an NPC 2 so unwanted Thralls can be sacrificed or again because it’s a compost/feed box having food stops the timer if not they die. If you want to move a prisoner, you need [Drugged Gruel] Put’s all NPCs 2 in the prison into a sedated state to be able to transfer.

Npc id 1 - Lianeele
Npc id 1- Lianeele ko
Npc id convert 1 to 2 [Prisoner]- Lianeele in bindings
Npc id 1 now is free.

Npc id 2 [Prisoner]
Npc id 2 - Lianeele on the wheel Conver to [ID 3]
Npc id 2 - Lianeele on the Sacficing Stone Convert to Item [Sacrificed Blood or Souls]
Npc id 2 - thrall in Prison starts decay timer and food will stop timer and [Druged Gruel] Knocks out NPC 2.

You could say of course that there’s no benefit! For example a player can build 5 or 10 sacrificial stones, place everyone there and do the rituals there until the camp will respawn! So problem solved!
But no!
I was farming out of Sinners refuge and many times I accidentally placed the thrall on the sacrificial bench and not in the wheel of pain :person_facepalming:t3:. Especially when I placed Mr Grrr legbiter I was cursing for 20 minutes :angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Of course my fault, nobody else’s fault! So in this case what @MarcosC asking has a vital reason! But this is not only the case!

This is a similar but different case.
My last case is this Purge or surge. Especially in Surge that rng is so annoying because sometimes you find nothing interesting but other times one great wheel Is not enough!
Imagine a cage that can fill up to 20 thralls in it! Right now the greatest problem in official servers are the builds for greater wheels around the shrines. What if? You could place the surge prisoners in bars and then collect them in your inventory to take them to your wheel of pain! Would you have to place a wheel to the shrines now? No! You would just place a great cage, place them there, finish your surge and go back to your base, fix as much as wheels you wish and do your taming without preventing the server performance!
Then again, wouldn’t be lovely to have baby piglets in small bone cages like Buccaneers Bay :heart_eyes:. I personally would love that.
The benefits are obvious I guess, what say you!

I have no clue if it works like that. Like, at all. But, assuming it’s along those lines (ids or whatever), you couldn’t do that to bindings while keeping the possibity of them waking up when the binding snaps (after their blue bar replenishes). Truth be said that on ps5, if the binding snaps, they just disappear… But if you release them for some reason, sometimes you can bind them again. Others they vanish, but that’s a bug.

For this I suggest a wagon of sorts. They are kept there and then transported to the base where you could choose if you break them or sacrifice them. Basically, it’s the same as the prison, but mobile. No more need for those annoying wheels of pain surrounding thrall spots, shrines, etc.

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Why not just because they are a prisoner now because they are in rope bindings doesn’t mean they can’t wake up or get away. [Risk vs Reward] if something happens that NPC is gone if they wake up and get away. Only way to stop it is Wheel, Stone or cage.

This I expect to Conan exiles 2!
The penalty of each prisoner is your bindings! For each prisoner you put in the cage you loose your bindings until you lead the prisoner to the place you wish! But what I expect to see in Conan exiles 2 is a caravan with slaves. This caravan will be big enough according the task master that’s following with you. I expect taskmaster and actually all the crafters to be thralls too.
I go for wood, I take the Carpenter with me to help me farm more resin, bark, etc…
I go for iron I take the blacksmith…
I believe you get my point…
This game has no limits, so our fantasy too :wink:. Keep dreaming :+1:t6:

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The only problem is that god knows when Conan 2 will come out, but I wouldn’t dream having it in less than 5 years or more…

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