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So I’m building a prison. And the wiki says relic_hunter_commoner***** is the Id. But when I spawn them they are just ****** fighter 1 's

Does anyone have an accurate admin Id for the prisoners?

Use the wiki it has them listed.

Um really? Did you even read my post?

Clearly you don’t know how to read.

Great job @Wak4863 great job


I’m none to sure but could it be the one at the bottom of the list in the image @Narelle posted? I find that any with wildlife in the title usually are not the ones I am after, did you click the tick box for making it a thrall?

Also it is not really wise to insult folk that are only trying to help, even if it does seem they did not fully understand your post.


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This page you are showing has never existed before for me I’ll try this.

I’ve been summoning converted thrall items for a while now.

Where that is true, it is also equally if not more rude to completely ignore what someone has said and intentionally assume they haven’t tried the one thing they already said they did try.

It’s a matter of perspective. But you are not incorrect.

Either way, @Narelle and @Darkspire thank you fir taking the time and consideration to help.

These are the IDs for me. i summoned them and they were indeed prisoners and starving prisoners. The commoners as you mentioned are indeed T1 Fighters

@Narelle again, thank you so much your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

I got my prisoners the traditional way, with a truncheon. But to each their own, I guess.

As to the comments on forum users’ literacy, I wonder if someone didn’t read THIS.

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