Private Gportal PVP server ZA Gaming looking for players! x3 xp x3 harvest - no grief!


I have started an EU server called ZA Gaming. Currently the population is mostly made up of South Africans and ex pats, with a few UK players. It’s quiet, and we’d like that to change. 2 clans of 2 players at the moment, 2 admins and a couple of solo players.

While it is pvp, we don’t allow griefing and the policy is to allow players to level without being bashed by lvl 60s all the time. It’s a good atmosphere and we want everyone to enjoy themselves while beating the hell out of each other.

Events will be planned and admin is open to suggestions on mods and rules.

Server is paid up for a year and I have no intention of bringing it down.

Feel free to jump on and be patient, this will be an awesome community!