Private PVE-Conflict Server Hosted in China

Hi Exiles
I got this server hosted in China because the ping otherwise is terrible for me living here.
My intention is for it to be PVE-Conflict, with a mix of fine building and fighting.

Players/Clans pick a location as their “Vanity Base”. This is where they build the castle/temple/whatever of their dreams. These locations will be public and are not to be destroyed unless players invite others to try and raid.

Other satelite bases are raidable in the raid hours.

PVP killing players could be allowed all the time, or restricted, depending on what people who join want.

Server settings are mostly defaults with a couple of minor changes.
Items take less durability damage.
Land Claim is halved, mainly so resources respawn closer and it looks nicer.
Resource nodes respawn at a faster rate, currently 1.5.
Damage to friendlies is reduced. Just a few minor tweaks to the gameplay. Items take less durability damage.

I like building, especially nice looking buildings. But I also like a bit of risk, fighting and sneaking around other people’s bases. It is my hope that this server can attract like minded folk this side of the great firewall.

Here are a couple of screenshots of my own in progress vanity base up on relic watcher rise, my favorite spot.

Send me a message if this server interests you!

Password: PM me

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Hello again!

No takers yet. Anyone who wants a go at a mixed server hosted in China do let me know.

I’m not above bribery to get people in the door! Join the server and receive a lvl 60 armor set and legendary weapon to help get you started! (Legendary weapon subject to what I’ve got in the boxes)

Here are a couple of nooks in my vanity base. A small bar, and a jumble sale!

If a balance of pvp and pve is what you are looking for, then get in contact.

No new pictures sadly! But there is good news. I have managed to attract a few likeminded souls here in China.

XP rate has been increased to 2x.

People are leveling up quickly, and hopefully we can start some coop or pvp events soon!

I’ll try and add pictures tomorrow! If YOU are in China and want to play with reasonable people, then send me a message!

Still looking for players who might be based in China and want a mix of PVE and PVP.

The players online have started on a small arena. I’ll share pics when finished. In the meantime…

Rides off into the sunset…

Would you siege this castle?

Message me to join the server and get your chance!

I am once again asking you to give my server a try!

You too can build a vanity base to be proud of!

PVP conflict server hosted in China?

Some rules to try and make it a more enjoyable experience?

Why yes, thank you very much.

No pics as I post this, but castles and towns are coming along. Aiming to host an arena event in about 2 weeks for Chinese New Year!

All people who join in then get legendary weapons and a chance to win more prizes!

Still here, grinding away! Some impressive bases and builds around now.

Yours could be one of them!

Thought I’d update a few pics.

As Funcom will be reducing the number of officials, there has never been a better time to transfer across!

Perhaps you have heard the word of our lord and master the stillborn god?

Or perhaps mighty Mitra aids you?

City is growing, but needs a little more color.

That nighttime glow.

If you are in China and looking for a more relaxed PVP Conflict style then this could be the one for you!

Your base is only destructible when you are online.

Here is a reason to try this server.

The Maze of Madness!

This three storey labyrinth is stocked with chests and monsters. But these monsters are from Siptah!

The chests are stocked with eldarium, schematics, sigils, and more!

Every week new resources and monsters will populate the maze! Do you wait till others have killed off the monsters before exploring? But then lose out on the Eldarium? Or risk conflict in the claustrophobic confines of the Maze of Madness!

Some shots of the construction

The Inner court.

This week is Gremlins and Goblins!

Message me to join this Server! All welcome!

The MAze of Madness has been updated with new loot, This time from the Siptah Devolved Bat Demons!

Message to join this Server
PVP all the Time Buildings only destructible when you are logged in!