Private server Bugs

Hi there, I just started renting a private server, And there is 2 bugs already. One is when there is a purge it will never end. the 2nd, there is no horses spawning. can anyone help. I’ve tried so far every command for purge, and the meter will not empty. so i’ve disabled it for now. horses I wanted to try the kill all in Kill/Destroy (large) command. but no idea how that works, or how to initiate it.

Show us your purge settings.

are you running mods?

Thanks, for quick reply.

No mods

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The default value of this field is 42.000 and you reduced it to 1. This is why you are having purges all the time. If you want frequent purges, try something like 5.000 instead.

Where are you searching for those horses? Maybe you are searching at the wrong spot?

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hi, Narelle. thanks for Reply, that was setting was default, as i haven’t used Admin commands to change anything other than previous mentioned commands. thanks for sorting that out. I have been on You Tube, and been to all locations for Foals, and in all 15 locations there was only 2.

Hey, Narelle the purge is fixed now thanks:)

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The video you are watching is probably outdated. This one looks accurate:

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yeah the vid I watched, had same locations, only 1 had Foals at