Private server choice PVE-C vs PVE

Hey Exiles, I am planning on renting a server for Siptah on the ps4 soon. My question is, based on your opinions, which would be more welcome/sought out?

  • PVE-C
  • PVE with custom arena and Battle standard

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Seems I am having technical difficulties creating a forum poll

  • Edit: I think I got it
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If you make it pve c but role play maybe I will join , I never participate in a role play server . From plain pvec or pve , i prefer pve vanilla , nothing touched .

I know nothing of RPing, but if that’s what people want to do they are welcome. By vanilla, do you mean stats, rates, xp, etc?

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Yes , for me it is very crucial on pve everything to be untouched , however it is not so popular , people play private for the speed and the comfort , it very rare to find persons that love the vanilla situation on private servers . It is sad to run an empty server . I ’ ve done it in the past and it didn’t go well on exile lands .

Only 5 votes so far. Private servers on ps4 aren’t not very popular?

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The buttons disappeared while reading. I vote pve-c with out building damage. Allows events people to fight and no concerns of losing their property. Have had one for 3 years now. Quite a few ps4 private server’s out there.

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