Private server crashes

What’s the craic… our private server is constantly disconnecting and needing resets. Anyone else having issues?

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Yes, after the patch our server seems to either lock up or have a long lag then after a few of those it drops everyone on the server, only change in the INI was the decay timers and we changed that a few days ago.

Everything was working fine until this patch then nothing but issues all day long.

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This is a pretty consistent issue at the mo. At least 4 resets a day as it stands… it’s not like our server is massively busy either.

We can’t really speculate what could be causing this issue for you. We may be able to provide some troubleshooting help at if you wanted to create a tech support ticket.

I have a ticket there ticket #1067641. I put it in 2 days ago and still do not have a reply! @Umborls

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