Private server de-listed. Possible actions? [PC]


I, and a couple friends, have had a significant number of hours invested playing on a private server, 3x Balthor’s Land. That server no longer appears in the server list. I understand it was a privately leased server, and subject to the whims of the lessee. He or she could let the lease expire at any time, but I still feel as if the rug was pulled out from beneath me.

I think it would be in FunCom’s best interest if there were to be some notification system to allow interested players the option of picking up the lease. It could be as simple as in in-game server message stating the lease was not renewed, would be expiring soon, and to contact FunCom if interested in continuing the lease. A player such as I could step up and take ownership as the new lessee.

Alternately, how about the option to port characters to a different server for cases such as this? I, and others in similar circumstances, I’m sure, would be willing to pay a nominal fee to port their character. As it is now, I’m out several hundred hours of game play time, with nothing but a bad taste in my mouth for my time spent. A few bucks for a new home on a different server sure beats starting from scratch!

Thanks for any consideration you may give these thoughts.

In Crom we trust.


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