Private Server Event Idea: Battle Royale

Here is an event idea for the friendly private servers out there:

Battle Royale

Arena Design:
This can be played anywhere on the map, but our arena location is the jungle. Building this on a jungle tree provides some Jump’N’Run game fun, where you sometimes fall down from steep and narrow stairs and boardwalks.
There must be multiple paths with various intersections and there must be stash locations for weapons (could also add armor, etc.).

Everyone enters the arena without any items, this means no armor, no weapons, no food and no healing and no items at all.
Players search for a weapon in a stash in the arena and use whatever weapon they find to combat other players. Players may carry only one weapon at a time.
Last man standing wins the round.

Here is a video of the event on our server, watch it for better understanding (make use of the Timestamps in the video description - may have to watch on YouTube page, not embedded player - to skip the prep time between rounds):

Credits to Solgam for creating the Battle Royale Arena on my server and coming up with the idea!

Have a nice day,