Private Server Issues - LogCharacterMovement

Game mode: [Private]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PVE]
Region: [NA]

So I am getting the following error on my server.

[2019.08.01-12.54.27:780][972]LogCharacterMovement: BasePlayerChar_C_20 is stuck and failed to move! Velocity: X=56.09 Y=43.49 Z=70.45 Location: X=-92712.54 Y=-78866.13 Z=3553.88 Normal: X=0.46 Y=-0.87 Z=0.16 PenetrationDepth:0.004 Actor:BP_PL_CraftingStation_Wood_C_79 Component:StaticMesh BoneName:None (9 other events since notify)
[2019.08.01-12.54.30:253][ 9]Combat:Display: [BasePlayerChar_C_20] Start: 3585.587891 End3001.738525 Fall Distance: 583.849365
[2019.08.01-12.54.30:254][ 9]Combat:Display: [BasePlayerChar_C_20] Falling Velocity:-1081.957031 Percent of deadly fall velocity: 0.058541
[2019.08.01-12.54.30:254][ 9]Combat:Display: [BasePlayerChar_C_20] Final fall damage:14.049776

When I go to the location specified I see this

There seem to be a boatload of NPCS stuck ion this location. There is some kind of invisible bounding box around them. I can not get close enough to them to do anything unless I ghost, and at that point I just float through them. I have tried Shift+Del, Shift+Alt+Del, DestroyTarget, and nothing seem to get rid of them. Its not affecting server performance, but I am OCD like a ■■■■, and this is driving me insane!!

Any ideas??

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug: No idea

Noone else has had this issue?

Hello @jasonconstantine, thank you for reaching out!

We’re unaware of this issue, have you tried disabling all the server mods to see if the issue could be related?

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