Private server offline ¿rescue?

Hello, i was playing in a private server many weeks ago.
The problem is that the admins are inactive so many time (no messages, no events, noone of admins playing) and from yestarday the server is offline, i supose that they have no intention to relaunch it.

As i have not any way to contact with the owners or admins, and if you dnt tell me im wrong i supose that they are not going to keep the server live anymore, im interested to know if i can “rescue” the server, as there were many people playing in.
I mean if i can pay for this server to keep it runing (at least till they want to go back), with all estructures, levels, etc, that were before.

There were 20 players online at same time last week, it would be a disaster for all of them to close this server.
Does it exist any possibility for keep this server online?

Thanking all your work and with my honestly appreciation for this game,
Best regards