Private server question

Is it possible to run 2 or more maps for a private server and have character transfer ability to each server?

Well, it depends on exactly what you mean. 1 server can run 1 map. So yes, you can setup an EL server and a Siptah server, and then use Amunets server transfer to move back and forth between the two (using a 3rd webserver). All the servers could run on the same machine, but each would need their own ports assigned and consume independent resources, as well as run an instance of the dedicated server launcher for each map.

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I’m assuming then that using the current professional server service that funcom supports is the best way to go?

I would say the best way is to host it yourself on a pc at your home using the free dedicated server launcher software. That may not be for everyone, depending on your comfort setting up the hardware and how long you intend to keep the servers up. Long term, I would say its the only way to go. Short term or unsure? You could rent from one of the various providers (would need two servers tho and a third webserver hosted somewhere) but that approach makes sense for some people. I’m in no position to compare providers because I have hosted my own since coming from ps4.

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