Private Server Questions

I am considering renting a server to avoid the wait time, but more importantly because I am sick of seeing houses everywhere. I just had a few questions about running a server.
I am interested in trying out PVP but I dont want to jump right in on day one. Can you change the server rules without restarting the server?
I was thinking of disabling PVP for the first weekend of the server and then gradually introducing more features.
For example: week one would be no pvp
week two would allow pvp but no building damage
week three would open up everything.

Would this be doable with a rented server?

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Some things require server restarts, but not server wipes. You can adjust many of the server settings on the fly without even restarting it (thirst, hunger, etc.), but i believe larger changes like pve to pvp and building damage on or off may require a restart. I’m sure some server owners will chime in here shortly with more detailed responses.

Go with full PvP and structure damage OFF in the beginning.
The most annoying thing in this game it’s not to die and lose your stuff, but to be raided.
Usually when you join a server there’re already 1-2 10 people clan raiding every think that moves.

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