Private Server w/ mods-recruiting

We are working on a new server. Will need people willing to grow with us and test out some quests and dungeons. My discord is Kitzy#4388. Feel free to message me if interested. Our server is PVE-C. Again we are just starting off and creating the quests and dungeons. We do use mods. Server name is House of Rogues.

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I’m interested if you are still looking psn is ranjore1987

Absolutely! House of Rogues. Feel free to join. We have some dungeons and quests so far.

Hello! Your server’s name is Kitzy#4388?

May I have your server I.P address?

Sorry I posted a few months ago forgot how i got here lol you still looking for members?

Tried sending you a FR on discord because i cant find the server with just the name, Gavin#9608 is my discord name.