Private server won't stay online

I’m at my wit’s end here. It’s a bit of a read to explain, so apologies for that, but I really hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

I have a private server running through Gportal. When the big update hit, my server vanished from the list of playable servers. I figured it was just an out-of-date mods issue, so I figured I’d give it a day or two and look again. Today, all my critical mods were updated, so I went to take a look: still offline. Okay. Headed to the Steam Workshop & saw that two of my mods were pre-2.1, so I unsubscribed from them and went into my server settings & disabled them. This is where it gets weird.

I launched Conan Exiles, and voila–my server was there in the list! It’s alive! When I selected the server, it immediately re-downloaded and reinstalled the mods that I had disabled server-side. (!!!) Assuming that I was facing a crash and not feeling like taking the time, I ctrl-alt-del’ed the game and went back into the server settings, this time REMOVING the offending mods from the server list.

Note that every time I made a server-side change, I shut down the server beforehand. Shut it down, make the changes, restart. No problems. This time, I shut down the server, removed the mods, turned it back on…and it shut itself off. Turn it on again, it turned itself off. Three times in a row, each within seconds.

I’ve placed a ticket with Gportal, but they’re not known for their customer service (and I’ve had previous experience with it :frowning: ), so my hopes are not high. I’m kinda hoping somebody somewhere has some idea of if I’ve done something wrong, or overlooked something…? Bear in mind my level of technical acumen in server management is somewhere beneath “pathetic”. If anyone has any idea, I’d be most grateful.

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