Pro servers, we want the server to pay for it self!

I run a successful Conan Server: Knights of Fury PvPvE

I would like that there was a server subscription system, so people could pay for playing on a server they like. This should be a in client subscribtion system.

The thing is that the server cost about 95 € (Euro) it is about 700 DKK, witch is the currency i pay in. This is not to expensive but it would be nice if i could have the people who play on my server subscribe to the server for 2 € per month.

That would also create a better server community. You do put in a lot of effort and time running a server and making sure that people get help in game when something unintended breaks or you catch a cheater.

I would also like the Conan devs to remove the filter that auto hides modded servers in the game server list! It’s a private server killer.

What do people think about this? and have you considered this feature @Ignasis and @Hugo.

Yeah, and then you have to get the persons steam id and put it in the server whitelist.

It would just be way easy if you had something that was integrated in the Conan client. It’s better to make it a integrated system so people can see it’s a pay to play private server.

It would also be better way of getting people on the server in the first place. If it tells you in client that you have to be subbed to join or play and what the cost is per month :slight_smile:

You could also make a system where people that play for free can only lvl to 30 and if you want to go higher on the server then you have to pay the subscription. That would be awesome :slight_smile:

Funcom could even take a small percentage :wink:

While is see where you are coming from, I don’t see this working.
Every private server would need to switch to this method.

Player: Hum I could play on server A and pay 2 € or I could play server B for free.

I would choose server B every time. Most people would IMHO.

The Patreon method at least would have people who wanted to help pay for the server.

Given the option,

Server Owner: Hey I have this server, you can help pay if you want, here’s how.
I would be more likely to help pay, and I believe I wouldn’t be alone.

Also adding a subscription system is a question better asked of the server provider, rather that the game provider.


This is so wrong, in so many ways… the level cap if you don’t pay money i mean.

I own a server too, running it on donations and twitch subs since some days… and I think “if you can’t afford it you shouldn’t make it”, but what do i know since i live in a squatted villa, now turned into animal refuge.

I would suggest you get a modder to make a patreon mod, just like for minecraft, there’s mods to whitelist people via patreon and twitch subs.

if they could figure out some kinda roomate thing like that, id be in 8D

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