Proactive suggestion for some new original content (Brainstorming)



Hello, I really like TSW Legends, so I’d like to give some ideas I think most of us will apreciate:

  1. Vampirism, Lycantropy… templates taken from the World of Darkness role playing games as illnesses or character improvements. The game “Vampire the Masquerade Bloodline” is considered a masterpiece and I think can give very good inspiration.

  2. Killer PVP. Like in Dead by Daylight. One character gets in the bar the killer abilities and change in appearence. It happens in World of Warcraft and other mmorpg too. You get a temporary bar overwriting your abilities.

  3. Zombie PVP. Half of the players get converted into zombie in a battlefield (I think it’s from Champions or another similar game I found it, cannot remember). It can also be a cooperative with other “infected” characters (turned into fish-man as in Chtulhu’s book for example, you got Innsmouth from Lovercraft).

  4. The Underworld - the ghost stare in TSW is very nice and can be implemented with some missions and NPCS and maybe old structures whose memory still persists in the ghost world (Like the Twilight in World of Darkness).

  5. Story based adventures in PVP like “The others”. One group is the ghosts, the others the players.

  6. PVP or PVE inspired to the “Mansion of mandness” boardgame, to create any time a different dungeon like diablo 3, for example.

  7. Give us a house, a hanuted house, a madman laboratory, a vampire castle or a zombie survival base. (museum is not a real housing).

  8. Changing World - After you complete some quests the world can change (different phase, like in World of Warcraft). Maybe after you helped some vampires you can get a vampire vendor, or if you have chosen to kill the vampires you can get a churchmen vendor. They could give different quests. I can understand a Mmorpg is not a single player but some level of customization based of the choices of the player would be very nice.

  9. Victorian inspiration: There are plenty of ideas that can be taken from the horror victorian literature and ghosthunting, seances, movies… The first Secret World was full of those and I think most of the players love the cultural citations and inspiration.

Hope it helped!


Moreover the problem of this game was never lack of interesting and original ideas, but lack of funds/resources/devs. So it is pointless to brainstorm any ideas, even if they would be genial, they will not be implemented.

Sorry for this sound too negative, but the reality is pure and simple. Let’s be happy we get New Dawn finally at least.


-1. Don’t think it will work in this game.
-4. We kinda have this already? Could be more, sure.
-7. That’d be great, I pity my chara for being homeless vagrant, could own at least small room somewhere in Agartha - there are already restaurant and disco, why not guesthouse or something. But also :point_right:


Sure. We can talk about things if you give Funcom

Though I wouldn’t bet on even that getting you more PvP than maybe an improved, rebalanced Shambala.


Is possible that my idea of “perfect horror mmorpg” is another, but sadly we don’t have many horror multi player rpgs for what I see in Intarnet at the moment. World of Darkness Online was a great expectation for me but was cancelled…


Well let’s hope in future they implement much content. Some surely will be victorian / horror / esoteric :slight_smile:


I love that you thought that you could improve the game with your little brainstormsession but most of your ideas while good on paper from your point of view are unrealistic or just not that well thought out when it comes to implementation or are without even reading into the topics and what already exists and what has been said from dev side.

Just to warm it up…the good old april the first job offering for times like these…


But with some level of irony it is good to add that one of the most profilic author of brilliant, but never seen in game ideas was former game director Joel…


It may surprise some, but Secret World isn’t just a horror game (it just has more of it than most/all other MMOs).


When devs pile into a meeting room to brainstorm ideas, the most absurd, ridiculous (and sometimes most oddly creative) ideas always seem to start with, "Wouldn’t it be cool if…"


That’s the point Swooby, at least for me: TSW started as a niche “horror mmorpg”, full of fine historical and esoterical reserach, for very fine and cultured persons in my opinion, that could understand the citacions and hidden messages. Later in my humble opinion they got that the customers were too few. So they adopted a more traditional approach, and the game went more like a mmorpg as others, while they could have continued with original ideas creating other masterpieces, like the 2 inicial game zones that for me are the best of all the game. The desert and the transilvania were probably made in more haste to complete the game, possibly…


No, I’m talking about original TSW 2012. It was never always horror. You’re focusing on the horror far more than the game does (which I’d say is more 2/3-3/4 than the whole thing). Its also had the goofy, cartoon, satirical, beautiful, etc since the start. And the Egypt and Transylvania were not ‘made in more haste’, only content within them was (missions that had to be added later for example). Their tones were intended too. The fantastical and the epic were also clearly intended. It isn’t just horror.

I worry that too many will misinterpret the game to not allow the lighter aspects to shine. For example if we go to Ireland and people expect fae to immediately rip off everyone’s head instead of actually have at least some friendly folk and kinder magic than we’ve almost always seen.

Also the depth never left. I don’t know how you can do Kaidan and think that. It still has interesting Investigations, use of local mythos, and dark ambiance - just yet another regional approach to it.

If you mean systems and mechanics, well yes, they’re trying to attract a wider audience they perhaps should have in the first place (or at least they should have released a more complete game instead of relying on updates, from a team that got slashed).


That’s exactly what I thought of, and I’m sure many devs will too.

Its easy to be the idea guy.


Transylvania in particular certainly feels like it was finished in great haste. So many areas that feel like planned extra content was cut! (All those Soviet super soldiers guarding bunker entrances that we show absolutely no interest in whatsoever…)


First two maps are ok, but the last one CF has a feel more was planned, but scrapped.


Yeah, CF is the one that practically screams “surely they had planned more”. Just a few spots on other maps.