Problem 1 million. Can’t connect to official server at all

This is beyond ridiculous. 6 times how I’ve gotten randomly DCed logged back in naked los all of he’s spent hours getting now 6th time it’s hapoenrd and now even worse can’t even log onto the server at all.

While loading when about finished lowering says “pendin connection error” the finished loading bar does it again and kicks me to main menu so now not only for 6th time naked and lost my gear can’t even get on to rebuild again

EU official server #2001 xbox

I’m on verge on contacting mincrosoft for a refund cause you cause don’t seem to care

You literally penalize players with inability to. Fix Issues by forcibly respawning people caught in DC loop to desert naked and lose all gesr so plays can’t even tell when they get out of it and gotta gamble.

What a joke. How about stop working in changing all the skills and this and get and how about you focus entirely on fixing the 273737373 problems already in the game that haven’t been solved for like a year

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