Problem is not solved yet

So I have a ps5 playing exiles and siptah both PVP can’t play since the last patch. My base in siptah got attacked , one of my bases in exile decayed……

Am I going to loose my hard work of 1&1/2 years on exiles and almost 3 months on siptah for no fault of mine???

The game freezes every 5 seconds can do anything… I need a solution please


You should still be able to refresh your bases

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How??? If the game freezes every 5seconds??? It will take me hours to do so + how can I fight any one with the freezing??

How can I stop players from taking my bases??

I need a solution that is doable… my opinion it’s not fair for pvp players with ps5 as they can’t play for 7 days while everyone else is playing and getting bigger… etc

I agree I was just saying you’re base shouldn’t decay. You can still refresh it unless you have like 10 bases even then it would take a while but you can’t still refresh them. As far as being raided ya nothing you can do

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