Problem login at 1986 server South america

I am not able to log into the server 1986 someone with the same problem?

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@AndyB served América do Sul #1986 pvp bug when latch dies I can not go back to my house and neither respaw area , This is happening to everyone

Me too , can someone help with this problem ?

Thank you all for your patience. We’ve run some tests and are going to restart this server shortly.

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@Tamtor, Well, my game still freezing in loading screen. Can you have any sugestion ?

Não consigo entra no servidor #1986 ainda esta com problema loop infinito

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@Tamtor reinicia o servido de novo ainda esta com problema , quando morre não vai para área segura , quando tenta loga no servido fica loop infinito servido América sull # 1986 id

I am not able to log into the server 1986. after dead

Servers 1996 & 1976 from South America are not letting people in.
The problem was that every South America server was full (40/40) but since this afternoon. The servers are not letting people in.
They are giving the infinite loading screen.
My self-had a 10 - 15 minutes loading screen on both. And I accessed 1995 with out problems.
I checked the installation files and update my graphics card.
So I think is a server issue.
Can you fix it ASP?

If you restart the server that didnt help.
Still can not login

This is a shame! It has been nearly 24 hours that some servers are inaccessible.

" Isto é uma vergonha! Fazem quase 24 horas que alguns servidores estão inacessíveis. "

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We need some info about the servers @Tamtor @AndyB @Nossos

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Shame! I can not believe they make almost 30 hours (THIRTY HOURS!). And FumCom has not solved the problem yet. They are aware of the problems more than a day and have not sorted it out. Inadmissible!

"Vergonha! Eu não acredito que fazem quase 30 horas (TRINTA HORAS!). E a FumCom não resolveu o problema ainda. Eles estão cientes do problemas a mais de um dia e não solucionaram. Inadimissível!:clown_face:

Cri Cri…
It’s been over a day now and there are not even answers, good funcom work.
this sucks

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