Problem login at 1996 server South america

I’m very sorry but we don’t have any new information about 1986 or 1996 yet. This is still under investigation and we sincerely appreciate your patience.

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Like i said before

i have to talk with GPORTAL?

i mean atleast u should know why u can´t provide the full service that the company it´s offering to the costumers. @Nossos

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Please, wath is happening with the server, respawn is forever and to enter on the server to.
Please, fix this problem…There are many players waiting

we have like 4 servers in SA 2 of them bugged and the other 2 are full 40/40

fun game but not compatible whit SA players

@AndyB So, we have news?

I’m having the same problem with the server 1976… endless loadscreen… on others servers and SP the game load ok, just on 1976 that i can’t enter anymore… what’s happening?

I am having the same problem here in 3121 EU stuck in the infinit loding screen

Apparently, the game loads, I get to hear ambient sounds, but the loading screen does not disappear. While playing earlier, I died, in respawn my game crashed, and since then I can no longer connect … always on the infinite loading screen.

one more here stuck on endless loading on #1976

I just want to play online with my friends and interact with other players, without the risk of tomorrow or after the server disappears. Where can I?

Servers 1976, 1986 and 1996 not working.

também não to conseguindo entrar lá “vizinho”, hahaha

The brazilian guy really f… … the whole world playing without problems and us here with a misery of servers and still in trouble …

PvP Brazil server 1986 infinite load screen
Nice one Funcom, only 2 oficial servers up in SA kkkkk thats a joke

Same problem in 1986, and im for sure not dead… at least i wasnt when i logged out, in a safe place.

tho all of my clan is having the respawn problem, and more than one is dead and cant reconnect

Estou pegando um nojo deste jogo… pena que não da pra fazer refound do jogo pela steam se não já teria feito. só decepção.

estou jogando sozinho no server 1986, lamentavel ver meus amigos tentando conectar e não conseguir e eu aqui jogando safe pra não morrer e cair também.

Any News? we need some info dude,nobody can enter in the servers,1996 and 1986.

Still cant go inside server #1996. Cmon, how much time we have to wait for the love of god.

South American g-portal servers are something to be studied … at least!

Still in beta 951 and others, they had numerous stability and connection problems.

There is still a shortage of servers for South America, because when the ones that do exist they are full. But now they do not even work …

People … gamers … consumers of FUNCOM. They asked for leave or vacation from their jobs, so they could enjoy the launch of the game. Clans were planned. I have not even been able to play after the official release.

The thing is deeper FUNCOM. You are leaving an irreparable negative mark!

I still think about the people who are buying the game on Steam right now, unaware of the problems that exist. And then when they try to play, they will not.

Many are coming directly to our Steam profiles, asking us whether or not it’s worth buying the game, because of our negative reviews, where we report these issues.

Look at the problems we had

PT Version

Servidores sul americanos da g-portal são algo para ser estudado… no mínimo!

Ainda no beta o 951 e outros, tiveram inúmeros problemas de estabilidade e conexão.

Ainda falta servidores para a América do Sul, pois quando os que existem funcionam ficam cheios. Mas agora eles nem mesmo funcionam…

Pessoas… gamers… consumidores da FUNCOM. Pediram folga ou férias dos seus empregos, para poderem desfrutar o lançamento do game. Clãs se planejaram. Eu mesmo ainda não consegui jogar após o lançamento oficial.

A coisa é mais profunda FUNCOM. Vocês estão deixando uma marca negativa irreparável!

Ainda fico pensando nas pessoas que estão comprando o jogo na Steam agora, sem saber de nada dos problemas que existem. E ai quando vão tentar jogar, não vão conseguir.

Muitos estão vindo diretamente em nossos perfins da Steam, nos perguntar se vale apena ou não comprar o jogo, por conta de nossas análises negativas, onde relatamos estes problemas.

Vejam os problemas que tínhamos