Problem of our own creation

That is your opinion. Funcom has not said that they won’t be bringing transfers back. Please don’t make it sound like they’re not when they have not communicated as such.

There is still a LOT of eldarium on servers in every game mode. The issues that prompted the stoppage doesn’t negate the reality of what is still available nor the abilities of those who did the work.

Yes, it’s my opinion as you can see above, however it’s an observational one as I don’t have a horse in this race… :man_shrugging:
You are pretty much the only person on these forums who keeps saying that they’re coming back and holding the candle for it.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that, my opinion is still what I typed above, that I do not think they’ll be back in the form they were and soon, since they have to completely redesign it in order to prevent characters disappearing… which will be a lot of work for them, work that has absolutely no profit generating capabilities and will likely cause controversy :man_shrugging: as such, I am pretty sure it’s literally at the bottom of their internal task-list.

And sure, I might be wrong, but this is an open forum and you can clearly see that I’m making an educated guess and not spreading any misinformation… so if it wasn’t clear to anyone, the above is simply a guess, nothing more… you can have one too :slight_smile:

If they bring them back then they will be back, I’m sure for when they decide to do that they will try to think of a solution to all the problems presented. But before that, they have to remake the system, because the main reason they stopped it from what I understood was NOT the pvp imbalance… but rather that the system was eating characters…

Except some may view it as true with the way you present it.

No, others have also clarified this.

Then please don’t state it like a fact. Say it is your opinion.

Maybe to an extent, we don’t know that for sure either. My guess is that they stopped them because of the issues with lost tokens as that was the most important issue with them… it happened to me a lot.

I’m not holding out that they will bring them back and I’d prefer no loot transfers myself.

Am I going to have to separate you two :older_man:


So…wait. Are you saying that bugs that have no effect on game play, are game breaking? Like my example above, unable to dye a piece of armor from the battle pass, that truly affects players in such a way they must rage quit?

Maybe we just think of game breaking bugs differently. I see them as bugs that prevent you from accessing content, like crashing when interacting with a wheel of pain (an old bug but just an example)

No, Im not. You claim people are testing. I said that alot if not all major game breaking bugs have already been reported. I asked for a list, which while is off topic to the OP, would prove whether or not players report bugs.


So ^^ doesnt mean that there is hardly anyone playing testlive to solely report issues? Or was the part about only 7 players on 4 servers not needed in the post, and you really meant that you have little faith in Funcom to fix bugs as your last line indicates?

Why even mention players then?

No, not at all :man_facepalming: Do you see how you not comprehending what I am writing is an issue?

No a game breaking bug literally breaks the game.
I will repeat myself once again just to be redundant I’m going to repeat myself again. Why do you think only game breaking bugs negatively impact your game play?


Yes, I am aware. But game breaking bugs are not the point, which you seem to be missing like… {retracked and that was a good one too}.

Why are you skipping the first 3 questions, to harp on a factual report?

And in the end I can say I have done the best I can do to make this a better game.

i salute their effort to do transfers. it was a way of adding value to the dlc and the map. i also salute the effort they put in adding a whole map with new mechanics .
IoS was supposed dto be a pvp map (and designed like that ). i am ok with it .
i also was one of the customers that appreciated the most the changes they made to make it more “live” as they showed they can hear to what playerbase told em and adjust pretty quickly to that WHEN they want to…

so now i told u what i seen in whole ios map , i will tell u what i think is wrong with them.
transfers should be banned IF they change balance from the servers they disturb it (PVP and PVE-C). not punish whole playerbase instead.
Also all that about the powercreep that was going to come and the shitstorm that would follow when they released the test server… many experienced pvp players warned em about what was wrong… same happened with transfers, same happened with magic… many players report what is wrong… why they fail to listen then?
many times (and i speak of personal experience) i seen things being reported that still are on… (lets say the respecing potions… or if u prefer the buggy climb… lets also say some more bizarre stuff like bad colission to building pieces (so much wrong some times that allows pieces been buildedd over other pieces when they r not supposed to -and i am not only referring in fence stacking).
undermeshing, speed hacking, animation canceling, etc…
why instead of putting every single resource in order to fix stuff (not the ones that appeared in the last update , but the ones that r here for some years now) instead of giving useless additions (lets say seathing weapons? and do not misunderstand me , i like it , BUT i would not mindd if we got a couple upddates with nothing more than fixing stuff… )
they need to write down every single bug they r aware of (a couple of youtubers alone can let em know over 95% of these- and i mean youtubers that are in contact with-or been in contact with)
then place em in chronological order , and start fixing those.
they need to address more critical things than a seathing weapon… like the ban hammer that drove away over half their population, and was aslo hitting peeps that were away from game , returned to check the biggest update (sorcery) only to get banned based on rules that r not clear or not indicated somehow ingame…
they need to seperate pvp from pve… they need to understand that in pvp the mindset is cruel and merciless, while in pve is relaxing and cooperative… in pvp wolf helmet is a way of supremacy as ur thralls and u hit harder another player… in pve is a way of cooperation as people team up against stuff (like purge or hunting bosses). why the heck they have the same settings?
they also need to test freaking stuff before releasing them… lets say that placing certain stuff can get u banned as the lag that follows their placing is tremendous… or not resulting in nerfing to oblivion released stuff…
why the hell they seem to miss the fact that one player that may harvest a week for an rng thing will not be pleased when on next week this will be useless? (many things reported as such) and when they hear why the heck they need so much time to address it?
these r indicators of something going wrong in there. and the sad part is that we r the receiving end…
they r killing their game…
and on top of all those , they have a reporting mechanism that u almost never get a respond or info of about what to happen on what u reported .
Add on top that they released da “test client” , that u only go there to loose ur time. my gaming time there gets not rewarded (not even the materials i harvest there are not transported in my base game) , and not making active conversation with the participants about the issues they found and report…
why a player that paid for a game should participate? what he will gain of it?
they need to fix stuff as company. and dthey need to fix their game…
If i was the ceo of this company , with the state this game is at this momment, i would not dare to release dune… i highly doubdt that 95% of the players that now play conan (and i do not mean the forumites) would recomend funcom as a good player support company to anyone… and not because they r bad as people! most r well liked ! but because they fail in all aobve-mentioned stuff…

i also await them. will consider my money loosing value if they wont reenable the feat )as i mentioned in my opinion the transfers made the dlc worth - as i am not fan of ios map and its design) .
if they r not reenabled will consider a lot of buying a new map again or a similar dlc …
and trust me most of who have the dlc crave for the return of transfers (for me personally is the ONLY reason i sustain characters there

I was having trouble initially understanding why you replied with that… thought I didn’t get some sarcasm in your original post… so I went looking but came up empty :smiley:
And no, I legit thought your post was spot on… I even liked it… :man_shrugging: (that’s a first, ikr!)
Any sarcasm you detected was directed at people who scream “game-breaking” at any minor inconvenience so I’m definitely with you on that one

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See, this is where it just doesn’t work like that :slight_smile:
As much as you would like them to fix “older” bugs… they have to have a system for it and prioritize… That’s why you had the yamatai chest texture bug for a long time, because it was not critical in any way, people had plenty of other armor to wear. So focusing on that just because it’s been on the list for longer is not a good idea, even if for some people that is more important than something else.

As for those sheathing animations… that’s not for eye-candy… a lot of them were buggy and played at very low FPS and was even worse on consoles. Go ahead and repeatedly equip and unequip some dual axes and see if you notice :slight_smile:
So that’s why those are being remade, not because they wanted to add something pretty

You’re listing a lot of design choices there though, these are not bugs… it’s just the designers making a choice.
For example with the sword of crom. They could’ve let NPCs use it, but they made a conscious choice that they don’t want to and enforced it. If the current lead designer feels like that has no place in their game, there’s really not a lot anyone can do about it, it’s just something we need to accept and move on :slight_smile:

In any case, I don’t agree with all of their choices either, especially lately, but it is what it is… I DO voice my complaints here and there :man_shrugging:

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Ah, so literally none of these exist to my knowledge. Yellow lotus issues arent even falling into this. Good to know where you stand on this.

Ok, so you are upset that not enough people are on testlive, and that bugs arent fixed fast enough, if at all.

Well, join the many many other that have already had this thought.

Fair enough, no need to talk any more about bugs. Its about not enough players on testlive and Funcom not fixing bugs.

Now that the topic is clear about Funcoms failure to do their due diligence, Im sure Cattibria will close this thread. Cant have people bash Funcom.

“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate” Caption, Cool hand Luke.

Agreed, Funcoms response to fixing bugs has been pitiful.

Anything else?

Only the ones that has been reported by players before their actual implementation that would cause problem , the “designer” failed to reckon and adjust , and they indeed caused problem…

Any good team organiser/leader/manager would split the team in two parts. Main part would be to address the critical ones, and second team would address visual or less important ones…

No, they wouldn’t. I’ve been in software development for more than 20 years now, and no team I’ve ever been on has done what you’re suggesting here.

I’m not going to waste time elaborating why things don’t work that way in software development, what’s wrong with your idea, or what we actually do that works out better than what you proposed. There’s plenty of sites discussing project management in software development, and even books you can read.

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ahhK. From an alpha testers point of view… I had different people I had to contact with bug reports for different things; animation, textures, menus ect. Now the lead developer got pissy if you contacted him with bug reports. If I had to report the same bug through 3 builds, fourth report was to him.

Personally I don’t care what funcom has to do to get things done, but they need to

1: Have far better communication, especially with core players.
2: Fix the legacy bugs.
3: Reevaluate the bazaar.
4: Rewrite the server TOS. Give us some real rules and guidelines.
5: Enforce the TOS equally.

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Its not problem of people not testing it enough - i have spent a lot hours to report multiple bugs from testlive (another forum account) but it didn’t matter as they are not getting fixed straight away.

I know many people who did same, there was mutliple topics about important bugs in testlive reported numerous time yet funcom didn’t fixed them - many times they went LIVE so you must understand why many people stopped to report so many bugs from testlive.

Problem lays on funcom not wanting to fix them - is it user fault? No. - is it dev fault? No. Who’s that fault then? Its complicated but its mainly ceo / execs fault as they have more profit priority.


i cannot see it working here though…
mind that i am a team manager for over 17 years (will admit not in software development though)

so if the ideas in books do not work , maybe they need to try something else…

btw maybe some of the books u proposing might suit the devs (or their managers…)

edit : for not being misunderstood here , ofc i mean no offence neither to @CodeMage , nor FC

perhaps this is their mistake…