Problem of our own creation

i cannot see it working here though…
mind that i am a team manager for over 17 years (will admit not in software development though)

so if the ideas in books do not work , maybe they need to try something else…

btw maybe some of the books u proposing might suit the devs (or their managers…)

edit : for not being misunderstood here , ofc i mean no offence neither to @CodeMage , nor FC

perhaps this is their mistake…

u should elaborate on that… some devs that have some bugs for some years that i know of and they may be reading this post may benefit from u elaborating on ur experience… also i would like to learn something new

Really? Then I take it English isn’t your native language?

no its not. and i am sorry if i said something that is supposed to be written in another way to be correct

Nothing to apologize for :wink:

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