Problem: PVE and PVEC servers are filling up with useless "roads" and walls

Since there is no getting rid of other players’ structures in PvE and PvE-C many players build roads to connect their many properties and/or walls to limit access to resources, landmarks, etc or build a surrounding wall around some other player’s base. Some have built connected “roads” to lay claim to land so they can “sell” it. These “roads” crisscrossing the landscape ruin the beauty of the scenery, block spawn points, create obstacles for those traveling through the land and most importantly create on added burden to the server. With all the clan’s bases connected they only need to login at one base and all the decay timers on all structures in all their bases at every corner of the map, and on all their roads and on all their walls blocking resources and other players are reset.

A possible solution is to change the decay timer reset to only work within a certain radius ( maybe 100 ). So a player or clan with so many bases and structures would need to actually visit the bases and walk along the “road” to keep the structures from decaying.

I have not been on many PvE or PvE-C servers so I don’t know if all servers have such toxic environments but it would help to stop griefing on those servers.

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