Problem to connect to a specific server

Hey! First of all, sorry if my english is bad, I am french! (oui, oui baguette)

So lemme explain my situation :

At the beginning of the story, I was in my mother house, far away (+100km) from my actual house (keep it in mind).

The server worked perfectly, I could whatever I wanted.

Then, at the end of my vacation, I came back to my own house. I connected on the server, then, a chaotic situation begin.

To picture the problems :
At the beginning, I had an huge house and a lot of trees. Now, I can’t even load the door, my character is vanished, I see everyone lagging around me. To make it simple, I feel like playing on +999 pings.

Everything was fine before, but know, I cannot load even my own character and I am lagging. ALSO, more important, I cannot LOAD ANYTHING.

For who you ask :
I did check my mods,
Reinstall my game,
my wifi is absolutely fine (800+ mb/s)

The server is actually a roleplay server, I can connect on others servers, but this one specificaly since I moved from my mother house to my own, is impossible to play.

Thanks in advance, feel free to ask me any questions!
I hope to find something, cause I am really losing hope

FWIW, I am having exactly the same issue as you are currently having. I do not know why. Is it Tales of Tamriel you are trying to connect to?

I’m curious of this myself. Sorry I didn’t reply to your reply, but I didn’t have any further that might help, but I’m watching both threads to see if there isn’t anything that jogs some insight.

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