Problem to join at a coop game + game changing the configurations automatically

Game mode: Solo/Coop
Type of issue: Crashes and auto-config changes
Server type: PvE
Region: South America (?)

WARNING: My English is rusty, so I can have some problems to explain the things.

The first problem is: I tried to play with a friend, because we bought this game for playing together, but when he tries to join my map, his game shows ‘unable to connect’, and when he tries to invite me (creating a map), his game is crashing.

The second problem is: I set the game (single map) without censure, because I like the violence (and the nudity), but after few hours of gameplay, the game changed the configurations, so the thong appeared and when I die, my body is not being mutilated.

I noticed the censure was removed when I set the menu for the “admin configs” (and I changed this option trying to invite my friend), but even selecting “total nudity” the game keep censuring my character.

What should I do for play with my friend a coop-closed map?
Is it possible to able the option without censure again?


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