Problem trying to figure out this set


After some grind and check ups, I noticed that the AoC armory is missing a few items from the Wolves. Can you tell me how to get Raider’s leggings?


It seems that there is no answer…would be awesome if there was any loot table…


In case this helps, two kinds of Raider’s Leggings (Covert Trail and World’s Edge) drop from Bhangi Khan in the Pillars of Heaven, according to my logs.


Must be plate specifically :confounded::ok_hand:


And the only sets of Wolf plate I search for are the purple, and the 3 blue sets, brigand, Raider and bandit. Almost got all of Raider.


If you want purple legs, those all drop in the Enigmata of Yag (and can also be bought from vendors with rare relics).


Please read the post and other replies before replying about something I am not asking for


Have you considered that they may not even be in the game?
And anyway, if you have farmed Pillars for some time, and they never dropped, you should try to explore other dungeons too.


Other dungeons don’t have what I want. And I discovered A LOT of unregistered items dropping from many dungeons, they do exist. Their drop rate are garbage however.

I even got Raider leggings which aren’t recorded. But they drop in Pillars.


did you also try coppice and palace ? these are also rank 2 dungeons.


I already know the locations of rank 2 gear
It’s either shop or Pillars or Mona. Rank 1 wouldn’t be in those mentioned for sure.