Problem whit the game

Why did place emotions for drinking potions and bandages it’s crap in a fight you don’t have emotion for eating foot or for herbal tea and again there is a problem whit the thralls to let them attack something 90 percent they just stand still

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Well as to the healing part, that’s why food is fairly ineffective in a fight now. The potions and bandages are specifically to make pvp fights harder.

Thrall derp is a WIP.


Somehow , the game needed to be changed , it was too easy m8, too easy . Now the game is competitive , it has a new meaning , new benches , new logic and ofcurse more excitement . The years that passed we saw a lot of changes in this game , a lot of bugs a lot hotfixes and ofcurse a lot of complaints :rofl::rofl::rofl: . One thing is mainly asked from the pve lovers is the game to become competitive and our characters to be the heroes not the Thralls . So this is our chance , forget full encumbrance build , put some extra points to vitality and strength and become the hero , the fighter and use your thrall as a shield when necessary . A named bearer has 30 slots capacity if I remember correct , your horse has 10 more , so why play full encumbrance ? You hit harder now and your armor is finally working correctly so you don’t take so much damage anymore , the game is better , way better , keep on playing and you will understand what I am talking about . Plus ,the food healing still exists but you need to add points to vitality , but honestly it’s not necessary , just need to practice new fighting techniques :wink: .

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